How to Survive: Finding a New Bestie

By 2019-11-29 12:04:52

Living in a new country can be stressful enough without having to think about making new friends! And as much as we need some alone time (mostly from the kids let’s be honest) we also look to our strong female friendships for comfort, understanding, support and appreciation. That’s why it’s so important to get out there and start to add to your social circle including the all-important bestie - the best friend that stands out above all the rest.

Here is a guide to finding a new bestie in Shanghai!

1) Don’t be shy. You’ll never get anywhere with anyone unless you ask a question or two! Strike up a conversation with a fellow expat on the playground or grocery shopping. You never know but you could be sitting next to someone from your hometown while getting a manicure! However, know that there is a fine line between being friendly and being a weirdo. Asking where your new potential bestie is from? Yes! Asking them if their Ayi was to accidentally die, how they would get rid of the body? Maybe not.

2) Join some groups! Chances are your new bestie is already doing the same hobby you love to do! So join the gym, a crafting club, a coffee morning; whatever you like to do to find someone with similar interests. Just make sure you’re genuinely interested in what you join because chances are if you join the crocheting ladies group and you’re not truly into crocheting you may wind up with a bestie that like nothing better than to knit booties for hours when you’d rather be doing LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE.

3) Don’t be afraid to chat up your neighbours. Do you hear some English (or your native language) being spoken over the fence in the next backyard? Do you hear children just as loud as yours a door away? Sometimes all a bestie needs is proximity and your unyielding determination to make them like you. Send your kids around to make friends and then casually bring you into the fold or bring over a cake (or that box of Oreo’s you’ve had in your pantry for AGES) and make a new best friend! Chances are they’ll be all for it because you live next door and let’s face’re awesome!

Making a bestie in Shanghai isn’t always easy and chances are you’ll meet some people that are great friends but not quite “the one”. But, when you meet that one person that just clicks you’ll know it and you’ll be inseparable. You may make lots of friends on your journey in Shanghai and as an expat, but it’s your bestie that you’ll carry with you no matter where you go. Quite literally if you can fit her in your suitcase without anyone noticing her pleas for help.