Escape to...Serene Shaoxing

By Beth Roulston 2019-12-02 10:29:47

A quiet, relaxing long weekend is just two hours away in sleepy Shaoxing


Shaoxing is a humble yet beautiful area within Zhejiang province well known for its traditional Chinese architecture, bridges, boats, and yellow wine, along with being the birth place of famous poet Lu Xun (1881-1936); China’s greatest twentieth century writer. Located within the northern area of Shaoxing city is Anchang, a quaint, ancient town that has a long history going back over a thousand years. Thanks to its picturesque walkwayfeaturing beautiful, old houses and an abundance of interesting snacks, Anchang offers a culturally enriching day trip for families that like to explore. For history buffs we recommend visiting the Old Bank of China exhibit, the Suikang Private Bank (which operated from 1850 to 1949), the Stone Sculpture Museum, and the Town’s God Temple, however, if watching the scenery go by is more your cup of tea, make sure you take a ride on one of the town’s river boats.


While wandering through Anchang you will immediately discover Zhejiang’s famous preserved sausages, often found hanging from bamboo poles, plus a variety of dumplings, traditional meat skewers, and the region’s renowned soy sauce. If like me your family is interested in learning how soy sauce is made try visiting Renchang Sauce Garden. Founded in the 18th year of the Qing Dynasty, Renchang Sauce Garden has had centuries to perfect its process for producing its distinctive soy sauce.


One of the many characteristics of this area is its famous yellow wine. This delicious alcohol ranges from dry to extra-sweet and has lots of varying flavours in between. To discover more about this speciality wine, look no further than Bistro Hong, a cute B&B located in Anchang run by young wine culture advocate and local Zhejiang resident Larry Jin. According to Larry, each of Bistro Hong’s wines were brewed in the winter of 2009 and fluctuate in alcohol fortification from 18% to 55%. For those less adventurous we recommend sticking to the 20%, which a has a pleasant, slightly milky flavour, scotch fans may want to try the 44% as it offers a flavour akin to a mellow whisky, and for the super brave, the 55% packs a smooth yet intense punch to the palate; if you’re a fan of baijiu then this is the one for you! Bistro Hong: 61 Middle Street, Anchang Street, Anchang Ancient Town, Keqiao District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang;浙江省柯桥区安昌古镇安昌街道中街61号; Larry Jin: 15867110310

Bistro Hong’s yellow wine

Anchang ancient town, photo by Feng Zhengyin


Conti Toscana Castle Resort & Spa is like a balm for mind, body and soul. Surrounded by trees and small yet beautiful mountains, this resort offers weary eyes a much-needed dose of greenery and nature. The first thing you notice is how still the whole area seems to be. Take walking past the hotel’s gorgeous outdoor swimming pool for instance, you expect to hear the usual squeals and splashes of excitement, yet the noise appears to evaporate leaving you wondering just how long it has been since you and your family were able to enjoy some genuine R & R.

Despite its unusual Italian style architecture and Tuscany themed interiors, the resort also encapsulates elements of Chinese culture in areas such as the dining hall and front lobby. The resort’s rooms are spacious and comfortable with a range of excellent comforts such as the latest Xiaomi TV screens, deep, oval/ round bathtubs, extra-large beds and even a coffee machine complete with fresh coffee beans. For those with active little ones fear not, for there’s plenty to keep them entertained, including, archery, fishing, golf, horse riding, outdoor and indoor swimming, tennis, and even an onsite zoo home to an adorable collection of Llamas and other animals. If you’re a regular yogi, I highly recommend that you pack a mat and take advantage of the location’s stunning sunrise. Right by the pool side, stretch and unwind while the area’s calming soundtrack will help to pull your mind away from tasks you’ve left behind (even for just a short while). Conti Toscana Castle Resort & SPA 贡帝·托斯卡纳城堡酒店; Fu Sheng Town, Yuecheng Distract, Shaoxing, Zhejiang; 浙江省绍兴市越城区富盛镇; +86 575 8830 8888;;

Conti Toscana Castle Resort & Spa Resort’s deluxe room

Resort’s swimming pool and view at sunset

Resort’s onsite horse riding