Let’s Celebrate Colour!

By 2019-12-05 12:43:57

Little artists at Montessori School of Shanghai make a wonderful DIY kaleidoscope!

At Montessori, teachers support their students to be more ecologically aware and environmentally conscious by utilising items that may have previously thrown away in their crafts. This activity from Roberta Carreirra, a Montessori teacher with 18 years of working experience with children, presents an excellent opportunity to spend quality family time together during the National Holiday.


• Paper towel tube

• 12 x 12 card stock

• Thin clear plastic (can be scrap from packaging)

• Colourful translucent beads (or old necklaces beads)

• Cardboard

• Aluminum foil

• 2 Elastic bands

• Scissors

• Markers

Making your Kaleidoscope

1. First, trace around the tube onto the scrap plastic and then cut this out. Take two larger soft transparent pieces of plastic and wrap each side of the roll with it, holding it in place with an elastic band.

2. Place your beads into the tube. Put a sufficient amount to almost cover the plastic. Then place the second plastic circle inside the tube.

3. Cut three strips of cardboard that are 1-inch-wide and almost as long as the tube you are using and cover each strip with foil. Glue them into a triangle shape and place inside the tube.

4. Cover the other side of the roll with the soft transparent scrap plastic and hold it with an elastic band. Finally, you can use colourful tape to decorate your kaleidoscope and cover the edges. 

Special thanks to: Roberta Carreirra and pupils Stone age 6, Clarissa age 5, Iris age 5, and Harry age 4.