Meditation, Mindfulness & More

By Ifrah Rafique 2019-12-11 14:45:05

Books to better yourself and your young ones

Navigating the world as a child can be challenging, and with modern times being so fast-paced and complex, teaching children how to be grounded is essential in their wellbeing. Here are a few personal books that are great for bonding as well as developing new habits to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

“The Truth Pixie” by Matt Haig is a best-selling children’s book that gently encourages children to become self-aware of their emotions and helps them deal with changes that occur during childhood. The story follows a pixie who can only tell the truth and as a result she loses her friends. Through this journey the magical Pixie stumbles across a sad little girl who wants to know everything will be ok but instead, The Truth Pixie tells her the truth. A beautiful story for younger ones touching on loss, sadness while also delivering life lessons through its characters. An extract from the book reads, "You’ll never know happy, unless you know sad", encouraging resilience and positivity. The book provides an opportunity to spend some quality time together alongside having important and fruitful discussions with your children. Drawn from Matt’s own struggles of depression, alternative books “Nervous Planet” and “Reasons to Stay Alive” are aimed at younger and older adults who face challenges dealing with mental health.

“Don’t Throw That Away” by Lara Bergen – This wonderfully simple story follows an eco-conscious superhero who teaches little ones how to recycle in an innovative way by reusing ordinary items you can find lying at home. From learning how trash can be turned into treasure, upcycling clothes into costumes for holidays like Christmas and turning an old plastic water bottle into a plant plot, little ones will develop skills on how to help save and preserve the planet. A fun and easy read that helps create new habits with your children.

“Sitting Still like a Frog” Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents) by Eline Snel – This tale teaches parents how to introduce meditation and mindfulness to children in an easy and playful step-by-step guide. The book follows a story of an amphibian sitting still in different situations and how to manage your thoughts that flow throughout the day. It uses metaphors, images, and practical exercises to engage children to tap in to their self-awareness, and offers methods to reduce stress from a young age. There is also an audio CD version available for when you’re on the go!