Creative Crepe Breakfast

By Beth Roulston 2020-02-05 13:35:37

For families that are stuck indoors, the usual breakfast routine may be getting a little repetitive – and you may be running out of activities to keep little ones entertained.

Get the kids involved in helping to make a fun breakfast with this easy crepe recipe. Use bananas and berries to make your crepes colourful and rich in nutrients. As a lunch option, why not add cream cheese, peppers and a little red onion.


♢260g plain flour

♢56g melted butter

♢50g sugar (remove if making a savoury option)

♢2tsp vanilla extract (optional)

♢4 eggs

♢600ml milk/ soy milk pinch salt


1.     Melt butter in small dish and then leave aside to cool slightly.


2.     Sieve flour into a large bowl then add the rest of dry ingredients.


3.     Whisk eggs in a separate bowl. Add milk and vanilla extract.


4.     Add wet ingredients into the large bowl and blend together with an electric whisk until smooth.


5.     Cover and leave batter to rest for 15-30 minutes. Alternatively, put batter into the fridge overnight.


6.     For ease, transfer your batter into a measuring jug, or use a ladle to add batter to pan.


7.     Take a non-stick pan (preferably 9 inch; 23cm) and heat over a medium flame until a few of droplets of water sizzle lightly when dropped in.  Lift pan up and add a small knob of butter and turn so it covers the bottom.


8.     Return pan to heat and then pour your batter in, twisting the pan so the crepe thinly covers the bottom. Try out different shapes like a star or a Mickey Mouse!


9.     When the crepe edges begin to curl up and the centre looks dry, flip your crepe over. You should see golden patterns scattered across the bottom. After roughly 15 seconds transfer your crepe from the pan to a plate. (To keep your crepes warm cover them with a tea towel.)


10.  Time to serve! We like our crepes served with a generous squeeze of lemon and a dusting of sugar.