Top Ten TV Series to Binge-Watch

By 2020-02-16 16:06:07

Beth Roulston

For those of you who have been making productive use of your time while confined in your homes these last few weeks, you may not realise that there are some awesome TV shows that you, the little ones and even your teenagers can get stuck into – WARNING some of these may lead to debates and outright arguments around the dinner table.

The Witcher 

Image source Netflix

Game of Thrones fan (minus season eight – that just wasn’t up to snuff)? Then this series is for you. Based on a series of fantasy novels of the same name by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, this story revolves around a “witcher” known as Geralt of Rivia played by chisel-jawed Henry Cavill. Expect lots of action, weaving plotlines, character crossovers and drama!

Age Range 16+ (violence, moderate horror, nudity, moderate sexual references)


Once Upon A Time 

Think Disney / Grimm's Fairy Tales with a dark twist... The show tells the story of a modern woman, played by Jennifer Morrison from popular tv drama ‘House’, who discovers that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming with an important destiny in a town filled with heroes and villains. Thanks to its gripping plotline and likeable characters, this family-friendly series is sure to keep even parents and teens entertained.

Age Range: 9+ (mild fantasy, very mild violence)


Green Eggs and Ham 

Image source Netflix

Based on the Dr Seuss book of the same title, Green Eggs and Ham follows Guy and Sam, two very different characters with polar-opposite interests, on their journey to saving an endangered animal while discovering the wonder of friendship. Cute dialogue, nice graphics!

Age Range: 7+


The Boss Baby: Back in Business 


Image source

Thanks to the original film's soaring success, this follow-up show brings mini exec and his big brother Tim bouncing back into business. Think toddlers discussing spreadsheets and quotas and a teen often clueless as to what’s going on. Comical, cheeky and great fun.

Age Range: 7+


The Healing Powers of Dude

Image source Netflix


This tastefully crafted show introduces an 11-year-old boy with a social anxiety disorder learning to survive middle school with the help of an emotionally supportive dog named Dude. Gives great insight with some fantastic comic relief. An absolute must-see.

Age Range: 9+


Alexa & Katie 

Image source Netflix


‘Alexa and Katie’ is a teen drama about two BFFs navigating their way through high school while one is battling cancer. Personable, relatable and easy to watch.

Age Range: 11+ (older themes)


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Image source Netflix

For those of us who favoured the 90s classic edition ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’, be warned you’ll argue with your kids constantly about which is better. This new drama stays closer to its origins, Archie comic book of the same title, meaning its slightly more sinister. Expect wicked drama, magic, cruel twists and some deliciously spooky scenes.

Age Range: 11/12+ (moderate horror, mild sexual references, mild language, bullying)


The West Wing


Image source

Okay I’ll admit this is a bit of an old one, but seriously Aaron Sorkin, creator of the show and director of ‘The Social Network’, did such an amazing job with this series. Following the daily lives of staff within a democratic party led by President Bartlet, starring Martin Sheen, 'The West Wing' does a pretty good job of explaining the complex operations that come with running a country. The dialogue may be fast but it is also clever and witty. Definitely one where you need to pay attention.

Age Range: 14/15+ (occasional swearing, mild sexual references, politics)


Don’t F**k With Cats

Image source Netflix

Bit of a controversial one here, but, it’s both entertaining and educational – plus it will give your teen plenty of reasons to walk away from social media… if only for a few weeks. 


This three-part documentary series from Netflix follows the story of how a group of “internet nerds” (their words not ours) help to bring down an infamous internet torturer… yeah I think I’ll just leave that description right there and you can discover the rest yourself. Seriously just go watch it; or not - up to you.

Age Range: 16+ (language, violence, moderate gore)


Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street 

Image source Amazon Prime

This quirky coming-of-age series features genuinely nice kids learning daily life lessons (unusual for a tv show I’ll give you that) with a bit of mystery and adventure thrown in the mix. Strangely addictive, Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street is a great all-rounder for kids and adults alike. 

Age Range: 8+

If you’ve done the TV thing enough already, stay tuned for our upcoming post on spring cleaning techniques. As sad as it sounds, I got a lot of joy and energy from giving my home a good old scrub!