How to Have an Epic At-Home Valentine’s Day

By Beth Roulston 2020-02-17 09:40:25

Want a way to keep the hearts and flowers flowing despite the lockdown? Here are our favourite at-home date night plans for the perfect romantic evening.

Ditch the loungewear!

You may not be leaving the house, but you can still dress up! Remind your partner why they fell for you by making an effort. Gentleman go shower, shave/trim, slap on some cologne, and don your favourite outfit. Ladies there’s got to be a skirt/dress/top you’ve been saving for that “special” occasion… that would be now!


Create a video keepsake

Go to separate rooms and record a video of how you first met. Guys be sure to fling in some feelings and first impressions… a simple play by play just won’t do for tonight.


Fine dining at home

Dig out a nice bottle of wine or make each other a fancy cocktail. Add some candles to your table and put on some sexy jazz tunes.


Cook your partner’s favourite dish

This could be as simple as cheese on toast, but the effort will be appreciated. For many, the fun and enjoyment come from not knowing and the anticipation.


Order “secret” Eleme

Show your better half how well you know them by ordering a delicious Valentine’s dinner or dessert. For extra fun, try ordering for each other.


Netflix and chill…

Remember to close all your online video programmes and switch off your e-learning platforms before getting ready for a nice snuggle on the couch.


Write your loved one a note

Get poetic and jot down all the reasons you love and appreciate your partner. Pin it up on the fridge as a memento of your COVID-19 Valentine’s celebration.


Valentine’s selfie

You may not be sipping expensive cocktails on The Bund but you can still take a cute couple’s selfie… or not! Try taking pics of you both making silly faces and expressions or looking deep into each other’s eyes.


Strip ‘Poker’

Like myself, you may suck at poker, but the concept of the game can be the same… Choice a card game you both love and when one of you loses the other gets a piece of clothing.


Spa Night

Light some candles and treat each other to a foot, hand or back massage. For facial scrub inspiration, read our homemade skincare tips.



Now you’re both in your glad rags, put on a playlist of music you both love and dance some slow dances together.  Prop your phone up in a corner and record the moment for years to come.


Make a flower

Having trouble ordering or purchasing flowers? Try making one from paper. There’s plenty of tutorials online, so there’s no excuse.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 情人节快乐 from all of us here at Shanghai Family!