5 Activity Ideas to Keep Your Family Busy Indoors

By Anabela 2020-02-17 10:14:55

As we are probably on our last week at home before going back to work, we may have run out of paint, paper and home supplies for crafts/projects. So instead of planning the next crafts run, how about some other creative ideas that you can do at home so your tiny ones can be entertained. If you want to share your favorite at-home activity, scroll down and leave a comment in the below!


Household Chores

Without an Ayi, this is the time to get your kids to help you with household chores. From sorting clothes to folding clothes, put them to use and viola! you have your cleaning crew. This will give them a great advantage in the future when they don’t have a nanny and need to learn how to do basic home cleaning and laundering.



Our home is filled with so many things that are sometimes useful, but sometimes not so much. Use the time that everyone is at home to gage what toy, book or activity is not played with so you can pack it and donate it (or if you want, put it in the buy-sell group). This is a great way for your kids to see how to manage excess and the beauty of a tidy home that is filled with only things brings necessity and joy (rent is expensive, thus space is expensive)

This includes going through the closet and picking out clothes that no longer fit and prepare them for donation or, buy-sell/swap group. We are huge fans of not throwing things in the bin.



It wasn’t until the last two years that I really got into making my own things. From household cleaners to a failed attempt at shampoo. With spring here, let’s jump start and begin some at-home cleaning with natural ingredients! 


You can even do a “spa” day with DIY face masks , or take out that nail polish and have a little mani/pedi session with your kiddo (ok, my kiddo is too young but maybe not yours!) And while mummy/daughter is having a fun spa sesh, daddy can change batteries to the toys, or fix old toys that need to be mended.


Rearranging Furniture

Have you been so irritated by the wires you have dangling from your TV set or, the placement of the sofa and the coffee table? Maybe even how your bedroom looks or how your child’s clutter is just stockpiling in their room? I know I am not the only one? Take the time now to rearrange the furniture and spend a few days to see whether you enjoy the new setting or not.


Fitness Time

Yes, we did exercise at home…we walked the dogs and do yoga. But, how about making it a routine for your kid? Obstacle courses in the living room or doing some music and movement class with their favorite songs found conveniently on YouKu will do the trick! Be silly, let loose after all, it's only your kid seeing mummy/daddy being goofy!