University Counsellor – University of Veterinary Medicine

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We know that choosing a university is one of the most important decisions in a young person’s life. In collaboration with Lamonda Lewis, High School Counsellor, we present a new university each month to inform you of the many options available. This month, we highlight the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hungary.

University Website:

Institutional Type: State University

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Average Cost of Attendance for non-EU/ EEA Students (including tuition, room and board, etc.): $13,410 USD

Requirements to be accepted at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hungary SAT/ACT/IB/A Level Score Range: Admittance is based on the university’s entrance exam results in Biology, Chemistry and English, therefore no outstanding scores are needed from high school. Students can apply with a high school leaving certificate that enables them to enter higher education studies. IB students with HL in Biology and Chemistry can get an exemption from the entrance exam if they obtain at least a grade 6.

English Language Requirements (DET/TOEFL/IELTS): English language abilities are tested during the entrance exam in a written test and oral interview.

Is on-campus housing provided?

The university does not provide on-campus housing, however, the university has a housing service that helps students find a suitable apartment located nearby or in the heart of the city.

What is the average cost of o -campus housing for students?

Approximately 600-700 EUR (660-770 USD) or less if students choose to share.

Are merit or need-based scholarships available for international students?

There is a Hungarian state scholarship that covers tuitions fee for students from specific countries. The programme is based on bilateral educational cooperation agreements signed between the Ministries responsible for education in the sending countries and Hungary or between institutions. The list of countries and institutions is available here:

What are the bene ts for students attending university in your location?

Internationalstudentsmainlychoose to study veterinary medicine in Buda- pest because Hungary is known worldwide for its excellent medical education. The tradition of over 230 years mixed with the innovations of modern techniques and facilities gives students great professional advantages, regardless of the country they wish to work in after their studies. Theuniversityislocatedincentral Budapest, so everything a student needs can be found nearby. As the capital of Hungary, with around 2 million inhabitants, Budapest is the cultural, educational, and economic centre of the country, thus providing a beautiful and historical environment for all visitors and inhabitants. Hungary is one of the most affordable countries in the European Union, enabling students to attend a Western university at a reasonable price. Budapest is also extremely safe and secure, with very low crime rates.

What is the university renowned for?

As the only veterinary university in the country, everything related to the profession goes through the institution. Professionals who finish their studies here go on to work in zoos, small and large animal clinics, research labs and public offices. The university also has a wide range of veterinary-related research topics. In 2013, the university was awarded the prestigious Research University title for its outstanding research activity. Topics that are related to food chain safety, farm animal treatment and epidemics are especially supported.

In which countries are students able to work after graduation?

Every European country accepts the degree students obtain at the university. The preparation for the American accreditation has also started, where students will also be able to start working after graduation in the US and Canada.

What services are provided in helping international students transition into life on campus?

The university recognises the extra pastoral care that international students need, so there is a plethora of student support services available to them. This includes administrative help for freshers, advice regarding accommodation and insurance, assistance with visas and residence permits, mental health counselling services, educational support services, a study-buddy system, groups to help improve learning techniques and overall support regarding life in Budapest.

What organisations and clubs exist that interna- tional students might gravi- tate towards?

The University has a student associa- tion called ISC (International Student Committee). The Student Secretariat and the ISC organise a number of events and activities for international students. One example is International Day, which o ers students the chance to introduce their nations’ food, drinks, customs, and culture. The campus is full of life and the feast lasts until late. Equus Day o ers an opportunity to relax after a dark, cold winter and prepare for the summer exam period, but also helps internationals build relationships and nd a new family abroad.

What are the visa requirements for a student to remain in Hungary to work upon graduation?

Graduates need a job that provides them with a working visa in order to stay in Hungary. Finding a job as a vet in Hungary is not too difficult, but it is useful to speak some Hungarian as many animal owners do not speak English.