Style Solutions: We are going plaid

By Irene Vargas 2020-02-27 04:54:04

All about the print

Plaid print has been around in fashion history for many decades, going all the way back to the 70s English punk rock revolution or even the classic 90s flannels. Originally called “Tartan”, these interlocking patterns originated in the Scottish Highlands. The name “Plaid(e)”, from the Gaelic word for ‘blanket’, was later introduced by British manufacturers and American textiles.

How to wear it

Office: For your next girl boss look, search for a longer blazer with a matching skirt or trousers, paired with some heeled boots.

Brunch: Rock some brightly coloured skinny plaid trousers, a neutral- coloured blouse and some cute heels!

Lady’s Night: Layer a romper underneath with a long sleeve shirt and some tights to keep you warm, pair it with some chunky heeled boots and sailors hat to accessorise.

Mix and match: Mix different clothing with the same print in different colours and sizes, such as a coloured flannel, with plaid trousers and a jacket, this will create a compelling contrast.

Why you need it now

This unique linear print is perfect as a fashion statement as it is bright, bold and easy to style. Try it out multiple ways like long asymmetrical skirts, slim trousers, and fitted coats. It’s also a great way to reintroduce

colour to your wardrobe. 

What to look for

What is great about plaid print is that it can be very versatile. If you are opting for a more relaxed look try a cute flannel, some slim trousers or try the print on a fabulous scarf, or to dress it all up, go for a sophisticated tailored blazer and a matching skirt. Have fun and transform your winter coat, there are different sizes and colours available.

Style Your Shape

Petite shapes: Go for a plaid poncho. You can dress it up multiple ways. To elongate your legs, try to belt the poncho at the waist and for shoes opt for some cute pumps.

Pear shapes: Blazers are your best friend. There's nothing more perfect then a well-tailored plaid blazer as it will accentuate your curves while giving you a strong, sophisticated look.

Busty women: Choose plaid prints that are not too wide, the thinner the print the more it will help to highlight your figure. Find the print on some slim trousers.

Tall shapes: Girl you can wear it all ways... it's just a case of finding the perfect print! Search for a long winter coat and style it with some rocking boots.