Learning is Our Passion

By 2020-06-08 15:39:44

Sino-Canada School Elaborates on How its British Columbia Curriculum and Educational Philosophies Instil a Passion for Learning and Prepare its Students for Future Challenges

Sino-Canada, a private boarding, British Columbia (BC) Offshore school, located halfway between Shanghai and Suzhou, is one of the oldest and largest bilingual schools in the region. Built on the former grounds of the Frobel Land theme park, set next to a scenic lake, the school welcomes students and staff from all over the world. Aside from its two main teaching buildings, Sino-Cana- da’s campus is also home to a large gymnasium with a fencing area, a brand-new Aquatics Centre with two swimming pools, a state-of-the-art theatre that seats 400+ guests, a fully stocked library, and an equestrian facility.

Since its first academic year in September 2003, with an inaugural class of 140 Grade 10 to 12 students, Sino-Canada now educates a student body of over 2,300 across its primary, junior, and high school programmes.

BC High School Principal, Mr Graham Setters, explains that, “our goal is to enable our students to tap into their own cultural and educational background while blending this with an international education system.”

Combining the best of the skills-based learn- ing philosophy found in curricula such as the International Baccalaureate and that of the credit-based system found in countries like the US, Sino-Canada’s BC curriculum offers a unique education experience. By assisting children to acquire new skills and knowledge, in authentic and creative ways, the Canadian BC curriculum prepares students for the ever-shifting world beyond education.

From kindergarten, Sino-Canada students are encouraged to be passionate about learning and to develop their own methods of discovery through inquiry and curiosity. Subjects such as history, science, geography, maths, and languages are studied together holistically, with each lesson’s emphasis on cultivating and developing skills whilst piquing student interest in certain fields of study. In addition to its rich assortment of extracurricular activities, Sino-Canada also offers English as a second language to ensure that all students, regardless of nationality, thrive along their educational journey.

To support applications to the world’s top universities, the BC curriculum requires each student to earn a minimum of 80 credits by taking a variety of courses - most Sino- Canada graduates, however, attain some- where between 90 to 100 credits. Essential courses such as maths, science, English, Mandarin, etc., are supplemented by elective courses. Each course comes complete with its own unique set of learning goals and content, enabling students to develop new skills and explore other areas of study.

“A lot of the time, [elective courses] not only make students more well-rounded individuals, but also help shape their choices for university and their careers. The more you can get students to explore their interests early on, the better off they are in making well- informed decisions,” explains Mr Setters.

During each course, the teachers follow a student’s development in skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and interpersonal relationships, and assess their progression monthly rather than working towards a single, yearend examination. For those of us who remember the pressure of examinations, this progressive approach to assessment alleviates undue stress, enabling assessors to better gauge the students’ progression, and puts the focus on developing authentic, life-long learners.

To facilitate each student’s progression and learning, Sino-Canada’s faculty team is made up of a diverse range of international and Chinese teachers who collaborate closely on their expertise, teaching methods and understanding of individual child needs. Amongst these daily duties, all faculty members are also involved in one or more of the school’s many clubs, ranging from the athletic teams such as hockey, basketball, and swimming, to those dedicated to performing arts, music, recycling, the school Yearbook, the Student Council, Model United Nations, and more. More recently, one of the school’s student-led clubs opted to use the money it had raised throughout the year to purchase over 200 protective masks, which were then donated to the Wuhan University Hospital to help with the fight against COVID-19.

Over the last 17 years, Sino-Canada has become regarded as one of the top BC Offshore schools in the world, winning a high- quality inspection report for four consecutive years. As Mr Setters points out, the quality of any school requires passionate and dedicated teachers. Thanks to a warm atmosphere, clearly structured curriculum, open communication policy, and a strong emphasis on learning, the school maintains one of the highest teacher retention rates amongst all the BC Offshore schools.

To find out how Sino-Canada School can help your children succeed, scan the QR code above or contact the school’s administration team via email: info@sinocanada.ca or tel.: +86 512 6326 1000.