Discover Colour Blocking

By Irene Vargas 2020-06-10 15:59:11

Creating Your Own Stylish Outfits Day to Day Doesn't Have to be Complicated. Have You Ever Tried Colour Blocking?

All About the Style
Colour Blocking is the simple method of combining multiple bold and bright shades into a single stylish outfit. This method’s earliest origins arguably began with Piet Mondrian - an artist who classified his stark, geometric, and colourful pieces as Neo-Plasticism. Later, this style went on to inspire fashion designers and eventually became a fashion trend. The best part? There is no right or wrong answer when you colour block - the result is always very chic.

How to Colour Block
The process of colour blocking is exactly as it sounds. Simply choose different items in multiple colours and wear them together to create a bold outfit. The key to building up your look is to find the perfect colour palette. Whether you use solid colours or neutral tones, the best way to achieve colour blocking is to combine the tones found on the opposite of the colour wheel.

What to Look For
The first step is to find a colour palette you feel comfortable with. If you have never applied this method before, start off with something neutral like grey, tan, white, or black, and combine this with a brighter colour like blue, red, yellow, or pink. And if you are feeling extra bold, compliment your outfit with some accessories in bold colours.

How to Wear It
⇒Office: Choose a fitted  emerald green pencil skirt and pair it with a lavender shirt with an interesting neckline.

⇒Picnic Outing: Combine a pastel-coloured, oversized blazer with a white t-shirt and some high waisted shorts. To elongate your legs wear some comfortable wedge sandals.

⇒Date Night: Red and pink are the perfect shades for date night. Try some high waisted trousers with a hot pink blouse paired with simple and sophisticated accessories.

⇒Family Dinner: Go for a long fit and flare red dress. If you feel extra daring, add more colour by wearing lilac matching shoes and some simple accessories to compliment your overall outfit.

Style Your Shape
Petite Shapes: Opt for a short suit of contrasting colours for your top. The top will make an illusion of a linear waistline, while the high shorts will make your legs look longer.
Pear Shapes: Elongate and add volume to the upper body by wearing tunics or bold coloured tops with interesting necklines, keeping your lower body in darker shades.
Busty Women: Choose a coloured v-neck shirt to emphasize your upper figure. A-line shaped bottoms will help balance the whole look.
Tall Shapes: Emphasize your legs by wearing long skirts with chunky belts and fearless shirts.