Strength in Unity

By 2020-06-15 14:56:04

Children across the nation shared video prayers, hopes, and wishes to those who struggled and suffered during the pandemic crisis.

Sophia G – Year 6

Shanghai High School International Division
“We are the world, it’s true we’ll make a brighter day, just you and me. Send them your heart so they’ll know that someone cares. And their lives will be stronger and free.”

Bella Pek – Year 3

Harrow International School Shanghai
“I could imagine the suffering that the people of Wuhan were feeling, but I also felt great hope by seeing how we all fought the Coronavirus together! We believe in Wuhan, we believe in China.”

Zoe Gadre – Grade 2

Concordia International School Shanghai
“I wanted to give hope and positivity to the people of Wuhan. By participating in a poem recitation, I could tell them that we are all in this together. I hope it helped them to heal. Thanks to Shanghai Family and Parent&Kids magazines.”

Bella Ji – Year 7

Shanghai Jianping West Middle School
“During this period, every one of us was concerned about the rise and fall of China. When a nation faces danger, we should all do our bit to help. Let’s share our woes and triumphs together!”

Sophia Si – Year 6

Shanghai Yangjing-Juyuan Experimental School
“The novel Coronavirus has brought great trauma to the world, but as long as we are united in fighting the pandemic, this challenging period will eventually pass. We should pay tribute to the medical staff on the front lines. I’m so grateful for their efforts. Thank you!”

Mo Junqi – Year 7

Shanghai Lansheng Fudan Middle School
“In this period, I found that we can fight together as one. And no matter what we face, we’re gonna win in the end. As a teenager, learning is my responsibility- ty. I’ll do my best for the future of my country.”

Evelyn Xu – Year 6

Nord Anglia Chinese International School, Shanghai
“We are facing a dark time right now, but don’t be afraid my dear fellows. We are gonna win this ‘war’. For your health, please wear masks and always wash your hands. When it’s all over, we’ll have the greatest story to tell the next generation. We were all TOGETHER, FIGHTING!”