University Counsellor – Davidson College

By 2020-06-24 14:00:08

We know that choosing a university is one of the most important decisions in a young person’s life. In collaboration with Lamonda Lewis, High School Counsellor, we present a new university each month to inform you of the many options available. This month, we highlight Davidson College in North Carolina, US.

University Website:

Institutional Type: Private, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Location: Davidson, North Carolina, US

Average Cost of Attendance (COA) including tuition, room and board, etc.: COA for 2020-21 at Davidson stands roughly at $75,145. Aside from the usual, this cost includes US-based medical insurance and a stipend for books. There are options to obtain an on-campus job for personal spending money-earning an estimated $2,100.

Requirements to be accepted at Davidson College GPA/SAT/ACT/IB/A Level Score Range: GPA – the equivalent of A and B grades. For the SAT and ACT, Davidson will be test-optional for the next three admission cycles. For IB, students usually have a mix of 5, 6, and 7 scores with an overall predict- ed score of 37 or higher. Successful A Level candidates will have predicted grades of A*, A, and B.

English Language Requirements (DET/TOEFL/IELTS): For non-native English-speaking students, Davidson requires a TOEFL, IELTS or DET. They also know you are much more than a score, therefore they highly recommend submitting an InitialView interview with your application. If you have studied in an entirely English-based curriculum throughout high school, Davidson will waive the English Language requirement. Check their waiver policy for more details via the website.

What programmes are the university most known for?
The most popular majors are Economics, Political Science, and Biology with Computer Science as the fastest-growing major. Beyond majors, Davidson also offers unique opportunities for students to engage with professional entrepreneurs at The Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Hurt Hub allows students to work with the more than 150 area professionals who use the Hurt Hub as their working space. The Hurt Hub facilitates opportunities for short- term contract work through the Gig-Hub projects but also hosts regular networking events like Pitch Breakfasts, 3-Day Startups and more.

What percentage of graduates go into the workforce within six months of graduation?
Overall, 73 percent of Davidson graduates enter the workforce directly from Davidson, with 60 percent of its international students directly entering the workforce.

What are the benefits to students attending university in your location?
The College is located near a major metropolitan city, Charlotte, the second-largest banking city in the US, and enjoys a large alumni network which provides the college and its current students with a healthy network of partnership opportunities. For example, its partnership with EY (Ernst and Young) in Charlotte and the Hurt Hub enables the College to offer a spring course on consumer credit fraud prevention with its Economics and Psychology departments. It also has a strong partnership with data analytics firm, Tresata, headquartered in Charlotte with a data analytics factory at The Hurt Hub. Another benefit is also the area’s warm weather and with it comes “southern hospitality”. Here, mentors, classmates and collaborators not only share your dreams but also wish to help you reach them.

Are merit or need-based scholarships available for international students?
International students are eligible for both need-based and merit scholarships. More than half of the College’s international students are on need-based financial aid. Merit at Davidson is awarded to students who bring specific talents to the community such as music, theatre, fine art, creative writing etc.. On average, five percent of students in each incoming class are awarded merit scholarships.

What type of student thrives in your university setting?
Those who prefer a tight-knit community with the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with many community members including their professors as well as classmates. Davidson is a place where students are expected to participate and share their experiences in class discussion, and be involved in activities on campus or in the local community.

What services are provided in helping international students transition into life on campus and support them while there?
Davidson’s International Student Programmes (ISP) is the first office that admitted students will hear from after enrolling. ISP manages the visa-related process, orientation, support programmes, such as the College’s Host Family friendship programme, and coordinates grants for international students. Davidson is fortunate to offer unique and interesting grants to its international students. The Meet My World grant invites international students to bring an American friend home with them to meet their family and learn about their culture for a two-week period, completely funded by the college. The Weinstein Travel Grant offers international students a chance to apply to journey to different parts of the US and learn about US immigration in San Francisco and Angel Island, collect narratives of sojourners along the Appalachian Trail, volunteer with the Slow Food movement, discover the art of quilting in New Mexico and Arizona etc.

Which major companies have been known to recruit students from your university?
Davidson graduates have gone on to work for companies like: Barings, BlackRock, McKinsey & Company, ESPN, Google, and Tresata. It also has alumni members currently working at Amazon, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft in Asia.

What level of assistance does your career centre provide in helping international students find internships and post-graduate employment?
Raquel Dailey, Assistant Director of Career Development for International Students, is the first contact for 150+ international students as they navigate internships, career advice, networking, graduate schools, and interviewing for potential employment. She understands their needs related to visa status and works closely with companies and organisations where graduates wish to work. She is an advocate for international students to employers, coordinates career development programming based on international student needs, and connects students to alumni in various industries throughout the US and abroad. Raquel also organises international specific workshops, career panels, and information sessions to help students build the skills they need as they prepare to transition to professional life. The Centre for Career Development offers networking opportunities with alumni and employers and takes students on Career Treks to Wall Street, New York City and Silicon Valley to visit businesses and network alumni working in these areas