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Ian Broadbent, School Lead for the NAE-MIT Collaboration and Primary STEAM Coordinator at the British International School of Shanghai, Puxi explains how its STEAM programme helps to develop confident learners

Essentially, the STEAM programme is designed to encourage learners to embrace Collaboration, Creativity, and Curiosity. By tackling real-world challenges across the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM), children develop important transferable skills such as flexibility, creativity, and communication; crucial for thriving in the 21st Century.

At BISS Puxi, we are committed to enhancing the teaching and learning of STEAM subjects through the innovation and culture made possible by our renowned MIT- Nord Anglia collaboration. We go beyond the idea of project-based-learning and place extra emphasis on metacognition and high-level fabrication within our unique STEAM programme. As such, our students do not just ideate, design, and prototype, but fail forward to create new products that resonate with real-life issues that are meaningful to them. They are also able to reflect on their learning, challenges, and “ah-ha” moments throughout their journey.

Early-Years & Key Stage One Vision
We believe that good early-years teaching is essential to bringing the curriculum to where the child is. As such, our STEAM programme inspires our youngest students to pursue their curiosity through investigation, creation, and evaluation. Children are encouraged to experiment rather than wait for instructions, and learn that even the trickiest problems can be solved through good collaboration and critical thinking. This approach to learning helps to develop a confident learner who enjoys creating things that matter to them, whilst developing an understanding of the Design Thinking process.

STEAM Spaces
Maker programmes and makerspaces are no longer restricted to small specialised environments, as many primary and secondary schools worldwide have established dedicated areas for their student creation and exploration. In 2017, we invested over two million dollars in opening two state-of-the-art centres dedicated to STEAM education, purposely built with students in mind; the ‘Da Vinci Centre’ which provides a unique space for creative thinking for primary students in Year 1 to Year 6 and ‘The Hamilton Centre’ which caters for secondary students in Year 7 to Year 13.

Our goal is to create a globally diverse environment dependent upon pupil needs from preschools to secondary schools and beyond. This concept allows children at BISS Puxi to work together creatively to engage in social development through the use of makerspaces, thus fully understand- ing the real feeling of the maker culture.

Parents often ask me what suggestions I have for encouraging STEAM interests, and I’ll tell you what I tell them; join us! And, don’t be afraid to let your child have a chance to fail. As with failure comes that unique chance to learn for next time.

So, get involved and encourage experimentation because nothing miraculous is achieved in one go. Rome, as they say, wasn’t built in a day!

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