Shanghai Focused Podcasts

By 2020-08-13 17:19:06

We feel certain that you, like us are a bit of a sucker for a good podcast. Maybe you like to listen on your commute, or you enjoy getting educated in the bath or during a dog walk. Did you know that there are heaps of Shanghai/ China focused podcasts that are in English? We did a quick whip around the office and compiled a list of all of our favourites. 

Happy Listening!

Mosaic of China

Mosaic of China highlights human stories from a diverse group of Chinese and non-Chinese people who are making their mark in China. In each episode, host Oscar Fuchs sits down with literary translators, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and many more extraordinary individuals to tell their extraordinary stories.  

Length: 25-30 minutes/ episode

China Voices


The Shanghai-based podcast China Voices brings a wide view of doing business in China and the country's advancement in the world economy. Features interviews with academics, international relations and policy experts, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and many more.

Length:  20-40 minutes/ episode

Young China

Young China looks at this vast country through the stories and analysis of two Shanghai entrepreneurs. Hosted by Lucien, a half Chinese Brit, and Artem, a Siberian Russian, this podcast explores cultural topics like China’s ethnic minorities, business topics like entrepreneurship challenges, and lifestyle topics like live-streaming and e-commerce.

Length: 1 hour/ episode

Unravel Storytelling 

Unravel Storytelling is a Shanghai-based podcast that brings to life the heartwarming and inspiring stories of individuals and communities that reflect a beautiful diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, identities and experiences.

Length: 20-40 minutes/ episode

 The China History Podcast

In more than two hundred carefully curated episodes, host Laszlo Montgomery takes a deep dive through the twists and turns of China's history, from antiquity to modern times. 

Length: 20-40 minutes/ episode

The China Marketing Podcast


The China Marketing Podcast provides in-depth conversations with industry experts, influencers, and Chinese consumers about the latest market trends in China. Tune in on weekly thought-provoking content with host Lauren Hallanan that will help you grow your business. 

Length: 40 minutes-1 hour/ episode

Two White Chicks in China

Meet Hollie the British lass and Nora the American gal, the Shenzhen based duo here to give advice and highlight all the quirky and wonderful sides of living, playing, and earning money in China. 

Length: 30-40 minutes/ episode

Tech Buzz China

Armed with years of experience working in China's growing tech industry, bilingual and bicultural co-hosts Rui Ma and Ying-Ying Lu share and dissect the most important tech news in the country with commentary from investors, industry experts, and entrepreneurs. 

Length: 30-40 minutes/ episode