5 Amazing Art Shows to Visit in Shanghai This Month

By 2020-08-13 17:59:56

Oh, the wonderful world of art! It's inspiring, beautiful and a little daunting if you don't know where to begin! Shanghai is a cultural hub that offers some of the world's best art experiences. With that in mind, what should be on your list for summer exhibitions?

We sat down with Leigh Tanner, Deputy Director of the Yuz Foundation to get her insight on the best Art Shows in Shanghai this month. Covering a range of interests and different forms of media, the art shows listed below have something for everyone, whether you’re an art aficionado or simply someone who wants to spend an afternoon looking at beautiful pictures. 


OCAT x KADIST Emerging Media Artist Exhibition 

UN/CONVENTIONAL is an exhibition highlighting the work of seven outstanding emerging media artists in China. It follows the incorporation of technology into art through moving images, installation and a new understanding of art and artistic practice. This exhibit does not conform to the norm when presenting work, building an exhibition space that reflects the artist’s self-assigned social attributes, where the artist and artwork become two entirely different entities through role play. 

Image courtesy of Kadist

Duration: Now until 16th August

Timings: 10am to 6pm, closed on Monday

Address: Lower ground floor, Alley 9 Qufu Road, Jing'an


Art and the Studio System 


This exhibit highlights the overlapping histories of visual art and film, focusing on how the use of a studio has shifted over the last two years. Covering the rise of film and video in the context of art from the late 20th century, the artworks featured include mixed-media installations and artificially structured environments. A blend of filmmaking practices and the creation of art means this show will tick all of your boxes whilst keeping you enthralled.

Image courtesy of the Yuz Museum

Duration: Now until August 30th 

Timings: 10am to 9pm, Tuesday to Sunday 

Price: 50 RMB for students (with ID) or 100 RMB 

Address: 35 Fenggu Road, Xuhui 


Yan Xinyue: 
Summer Mist at Capsule Shanghai 

Yan Xinyue’s first solo exhibition dedicates her creativity to exploring painting through investigating a scope of different themes. Yan dramatises moments of struggle and anxiety and portrays them with a sense of innocence and imagination. Releasing the heavier moments from reality through her style, the viewer is able to empathise and understand without bearing the struggles themselves. Rather than a fleshed-out narrative, Yan’s work portrays strong emotions and gestures by using trippy colours to reflect the complex and unpredictable nature of human emotions. 

Image courtesy of Capsule Shanghai 

Duration: 12th August - 26th September 

Timing: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am to 6pm 

Address:  Capsule Shanghai, 1st Floor, Building 16, Anfu Road 275 long, Xuhui 

Contact Capsule Shanghai for an appointment.  


Shanghai Waves: 
Historical Archives and Works of Shanghai Biennale at the Power Station of Art 

Started in 1996 with the aim of creating a platform for Chinese artists to effectively communicate with the world and present a range of cutting-edge artistic thinking, the Shanghai Biennale is a classic, must-see exhibit in Shanghai. Representing more than 60 pieces by 51 individual artists, the exhibit is coagulation of personal memories turned into a historical narrative framework, encouraging viewers to take a walk in the past and contemplate the future.

Images courtesy of Power Station of Art

Duration: Now until 15th November 2020 

Location: 1st Floor, Power Station of Art, 678 Miaojiang Road, Huangpu 

Admission: free 


The Space Between Us by Alec Soth at the Shanghai Centre of Photography 

This exhibit comes to a full circle with Soth going into the world and taking photographs, a physical act, where afterwards those digitally captured pieces and experiences are then turned into a physical experience in the gallery. Soth believes that a fresh audience in Shanghai presents an opportunity for these pieces to be seen and experienced with a clean slate. With audience members being able to obtain the physical experience of Soth’s work, they will be able to properly comprehend every element in the artworks.  

Image courtesy of Shanghai Centre of Photography 

Duration: now until 20th November 2020 

Timing: 10:30pm to 7:30pm, closed on Mondays 

Location: 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui 

Scan the QR code on their WeChat page to make an appointment

All of these exhibits are a great way to spend the day out of the Shanghai heat. We hope we’ve inspired you to unleash your inner art nerd, or perhaps guide you on your way to becoming one!