The Shanghai Family 2020-2021 School Directory is OUT NOW!

By 2020-08-26 15:52:45

As someone who is planning to start a family of their own in the next few years, I feel very fortunate to have had a chance to understand the vast world of education in Shanghai and its surrounding areas. Well, fortunate in a holy-c**p-which-am-I-going-to-choose kind of way. Because let’s face it, if there’s one thing you can’t afford to get wrong, it’s your kids’ education. The good news is every school in Shanghai is worth its weight in gold. Gosh, I feel so envious of Shanghai kids. Awesome international relationships with other children who WANT to learn. Cool monthly events that promote global minded-ness. First-class, shiny facilities. Teachers who know you personally, love what they do, and live and breathe education. Come on, what’s not to love?!

But I have to hand it to you mummies and daddies, choosing a school is HARD. Where do you even begin? What are the most important features your child’s school needs to have, and what are these curriculum thingies anyway?

Like all big choices in life, it comes down to research – and, fortunately for you, we’ve already done it! In this tenth edition, the Shanghai Family School Directory provides all the information you need to narrow down your choice, including a breakdown of tuition, curriculum, contact details etc., understand the differences between school curriculums and early year programmes, locate the international schools easily via a convenient pull-out map, figure out whether a bilingual school could be a good option, and understand what questions you should ask once you’re actually visiting schools. For those of you who may be new to the area, or have just gone through a big relocation, United Family Healthcare shares professional advice on transitioning to a new home. Shanghai dad, Sal Haque, talks us through his experiences of trying to be the perfect parent. Concordia International School Shanghai offers helpful hints and tips on dropping your little ones off at school, and Parkway-Health discusses the five common childhood illnesses you can expect when starting a new semester.

Managing a young family can be tough, and at times the pressure can be overwhelming. Offering some simple tips and easy exercises, Lorna Jutton discusses how families can use mindfulness as a powerful tool to keeping your ‘boat afloat’ while living in this crazy busy metropolis. For those who like to keep their world organised, our directory also comes with a useful tear-out 'checklist' where you can jot down important details and first impressions of potential schools during those initial visits.

Don’t worry, you got this! And if you feel you don’t, reach out to us. Like any good family, we are here to help – whether that be connecting you to other lovely parents and support groups, to sharing insider knowledge. For more up-to-date family-related info, be sure to scan the QR code below to visit our website. Best of luck!