Families who play together, stay together

By 2020-08-26 17:26:20

As the world embraces social distancing etiquette as the new norm, thanks to COVID-19, quality time with our loved ones is cherished now more than ever. What better way to bond and create precious memories than to engage in fun activities together! 

For our debut 2020 issue, we caught up with Italian dad, Alberto, and his daughter Fimma, after their football match. Then Russian mum, Oksana, and her talented son Nicholas showed us their jazz moves at Oksana's dance studio Bodylab.


Alberto & Fimma Bighignoli (10 years old)  

Father's Occupation: Automotive industry 

Nationality: Italian 

Favourite activity: Football

Favourite team: Alberto is a fan of Inter-Milan while Fimma adores Juventus because of Cristiano Ronaldo.  

Go-to labels in Shanghai: Under Armour, Decathlon


Okasana & Nicolas Zhang (5 ½ years old)   

Mother's Occupation: CEO and Head coach at Bodylab Dance Centre            

Nationality: Oksana is Russian, Nicolas is Russian Chinese. 

Mother's favourite sport: Rhythmic gymnastics  

Son's favourite sport: Kungfu 

Favourite activity together: Jazz 

Go-to labels in Shanghai: Lululemon, Adidas