WATCH: Shanghai French School 'Kids Talk'

By 2020-11-06 16:45:03

Multinational Students Give Insight

At Shanghai French School, there is a place for each kid to integrate and thrive. Six students with different nationalities share their thoughts and challenges about studying in a plurilingual environment.


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Alexia Ngo, Grade 5, France

In the future, I would like to either stay in France or China because my dad is French and my mum is Chinese.


Ethan Mao, Grade 8, US

French is... challenging, especialy the grammar. With the help of my teachers and classmates, I'm motivated to study and improve my French.


Abriana Marc, Grade 9. India

I really like the school, it's less stressful compared to my old school.


Seo Jeongwoon. Grade 8, South Korea

In class, I speak both English and French with my classmates. When I'm doing activites, I usually converse in French.


Estelle Bonsignore, Grade 8, UK

Learning French was challenging, but with the help of the school, I've been able to learn at my own pace and I've become very comfortable with the language.


Leo Heinzelmann, Grade 8, Germany

If I have a home office, I would like to stay on a tropical island. If not, I would want to stay in Shanghai, because you can do everything in Shanghai.