Exploring Qinghai

By Gina Batmunkh 2021-02-09 17:42:00

As an expat in Shanghai, I usually plan my trips to neighbouring cities or other provinces nearby. Recently, the West of China has grabbed my attention and curiosity. With its unique culture and traditions, it’s vasty different from China’s East coast. Qinghai province is located in northwest China, and its large, remote areas make it the ideal place for children to run around in wide open spaces. You can explore monasteries, watch herds of yaks, and see nomads camped out on high altitude grasslands. 

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is located at the north-eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, the largest, highest and youngest plateau in the world and it is absolutely beautiful. Take a moment, sit down and appreciate the view.


Chaka Salt Lake

Chaka Lake, also known as the mirror of the sky, is one of Qinghai’s most beautiful spots. It’s made of natural crystallised saline. It’s the largest salt mine in the world lies at an altitude of 3,059 meters and it is ten times larger than the ‘West Lake’ of Hangzhou. Top tip: before you walk out, you should buy some shoe covers to protect your shoes from the salt.


The Jade Lake

The Jade Lake in Mangya attracts thousands of tourists due to its resemblance to a shining piece of emerald. Its green colour is due to a unique build up of minerals that fluctuate depending on the weather.


Devil's Eye

This natural phenomenon lies in Mangya city, part of the Haixi Mongol and Tibet Autonomous Prefecture. Brace yourself because the road that leads to the Devil’s Eye is a bumpy one and it stretches approximately 17 kilometres from the main road. At the site, an overlooking terrace and drone for rent are available for tourists. With a drone, you can clearly see why it’s called an eye!


East Taijinar Salt Lake

According to our driver, this lake can be compared to the Maldives. With its crystal clear and emerald coloured water, East Taijinar Lake instantly attracts tourists. Instead of white sand though… there’s loads of salt!


Good to know...


• Direct flights are available from Shanghai to Qinghai (Xining city), and last around three hours long.

• Allowed to use Shanghai Health Code.

• Recommended to join a tour while there, since the distance between attractions is large.

• Qinghai is a high-altitude place which can affect your health. Rarefied air can cause nauseas, dizziness and shorteness of breath. Please consult your doctor prior to the visit.

• Bring jackets and pants even if it is summer, because the temperature drops at night.

• Respect the culture and customs of local minorities, and do not touch objects related to their religion.

• Wear sunblock regardless of the season as it’s bright and sunny.

• Bring lip balm and moisturiser as it’s incredibly dry.