Home Sweet Home

By Eve Wee-Ang 2021-02-25 10:54:16


As the world acclimatises to more home-based activities for both work and play, home décor is of more importance than ever before. The long hours we now spend at home means every single item that takes up precious real estate is now being scrutinized and reconsidered. Clutter that was once masked is now being ‘Zoomed’.



Shanghainese Stephanie Wang, fashionista and homeowner of a stylish villa in Hongqiao is a testimony of someone who fuses comfort and chic effortlessly. As the boss of FLOW, a private appointment-only fashion label, her eye for colours and details is evident in every corner of her home. Every object on display is carefully thought through yet it doesn’t give off a standoffish vibe that screams do not touch. After all, this is a family home for four that houses Stephanie’s American husband and their twin tweens, which means that being comfortable and welcoming trumps everything.



At Stephanie’s cosy abode, her love for different cultures births a mishmash of Eastern and Western designs that live harmoniously without compromising spaces to accommodate a busy home life. For someone who modestly quipped that one need not buy expensive, luxurious brands to be stylish, the same principle applies to her home décor. With my eyes feasting on the beautiful art pieces on every wall I glanced, one could easily mistake her home for a museum. But for Stephanie, nothing is more important than liveability and steeping her home with beautiful memories from her loved ones.



Just before we left for the next shoot, Stephanie and her mother who was visiting, thoughtfully made a lovely sandwich for us to tide through a busy day. It was a poignant reminder that it’s the people that turn a house into a beautiful home.


Stephanie’s favourite home décor haunts in Shanghai:

• HandS Antiquite (No 2, Lane 270 Wuyuan Road, near Yongfu Road)

• Casa Pagoda Home Furnishing (No 13- 17 Taikang Road, Tianzifang)

• Indigo Living (No 185-187 Anfu Road)


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