Party it Up! Our Favourite Birthday Spots in Town.

By Anabela Mok 2021-03-01 12:46:54


Being a Shanghai kid is great. There is plenty of excitement around town and options when it comes to celebrating a birthday in style. Planning a birthday can be stressful for any parent, especially when it comes to selecting a venue. After consulting our team of parents, here are some of our favourite selections.





If you have an active child older than five-years-old, this will be a great spot to enjoy a birthday celebration. There are tons of trampolines for non-stop jumping, which is wonderful for parents of active ones. Just be sure to load up on snacks to fuel the fun. The team at Jump360 can help with coordinating birthdays, so do call them in advance to make sure they have a spot for you.




Changning: 4/F, Xingyi Road, near Gubei Road (Tel: 021 8019 8834)

Baoshan: Area C4, 258 Changjiang Road, near Jungong Road (Tel: 5182 8806)





If you have a group of tweens or if you yourself (the adult) want a fun birthday venue- this it! Strap on those roller skates and boogie! 



Whatever your party needs are, the team can work with you to make the day extra fun. You can build your own menu from their food and drinks selection. 


Address: 358 Kangding Road, Block 18, Room 102 

Tel: 138 1777 0662





A great spot for older kids (and adults) where you can get together and have a fun round of laser tag. Its got a grunge vibe and is perfect for the tween/teen. But if you don't enjoy laser tagging, they also have other options such as private karaoke rooms.



Address: 366 Zhaojiabang Road, B1/F

Tel: 021 3356 2355


Mr X



This would be a fantastic spot for a birthday celebration. You can get together with your besties and work your way out of an escape room. Mr X has rooms for large and small parties, each with different challenges that you need to complete within your time allotment. For teens, its got the perfect element of surprise and suspense. 



Address: 550 Jumen Road

Tel: 021 3304 1233





A full-on play area with a great menu for adults and kids! All you need is a simple decoration for the table, order from the menu and just sit back and relax. For younger kids, the play area has a height limit for children, no kid taller than 110 cm allowed inside and it is not possible to book the play area for a private party. 



For older kids, Cages is your playroom: you can shoot hoops, play pool or go hit a few balls in the batting range. 


Address: 428 Jiangning Road, 3/F

Tel: 021 5299 52173


Kathleen’s Waitan



For kids who enjoy looking at boats, you get a full and uninterrupted view of the Huangpu River.  You can book a room in the back that will accommodate your party size. Call the restaurant for more information regarding the menu and also the minimum charge. It is a fantastic choice especially for spring birthdays as the promenade of the Bund leads straight to the Old Bund area.



Address: 453 Waima Road, 5/F

Tel: 021 6327 2221


Awesome Kids Club



This is a great venue for children celebrating their 1-year milestone up to 3 years old. If you have not been here before, it has a ball pen, slides, trampolines and it is entertainment that is suitable for the active tiny tots. Although the venue does not provide food, you can work with them on arranging catering options.



Address: 940 Changde Road, 2/F

Tel: 021 5268 7888




Photo from Daning Location


Similar to other kid cafe’s, Lilliput has an amazing array of toys and facilities for the young child. They can also make arrangements for the special day but you will need to contact the store directly to put in your customised request. The price is very good for the value and worth considering if it is a child under five years old, as the toys are more catered to that age group.


Photo from Daning Location


Various Locations:

Hongkou: 188 Ruihong Road, 2/F (Tel: 5580 1600)

Xuhui: 230 Ruiping Road, 2/F (Tel: 021 5419 9192)

Pudong: 869 Yinghua Road, 1/F (Tel: 021 5058 0979)

Daning:  777 Wanrong Road, 4/F (Tel: 021 6587 6017)


Mini Mars


Photo from Jing'an location


If you enjoy taking your child to play at Mini Mars, you can have a full day of fun with their birthday package. You can either have a semi-private event or book the place to yourself. Each location has its own birthday planning team, so you can contact the store directly for more information.


Various Locations:

Changning: 1900 Tianshan Road, 1/F, Suite D (Tel: 1470 211 7240)

Jing'an: 428 Jiangning Road, 1/F (Tel: 021 6155 5725)

Pudong: 518 Lantian Road, 1/F (Tel: 021 3998 2908)


What are your favourite birthday venues? Let us know in the comment box below!