Medicine Cabinet Essentials For Our Family

By Gina Batmunkh 2021-03-05 12:21:26


Some of you might have a new year resolution for getting things organised this year. Well, neatly prepared essentials in your medicine cabinet will put your mind at ease. As we all know that kids like to move and play around constantly. That leads to scratches, hurting and minor injuries. Besides, when you have a baby, there are so many things to learn and products needed. Why waste time to run to the pharmacy last minute, when you can arrange your first aids and other important medicines in one place. In addition, with kids at school, it also means germs will be there too. What better reason do you need to prepare and organise your medicine cabinet, in case an emergency arises?



Tylenol 泰诺 - tài nuò

For fever or teething, this is one medicine that you should not be running low in your medicine shelf. The last thing you want to do is going to the pharmacy at 3am for a pain/fever reliever which is not convenient. As a parent, when our kids feel uncomfortable, we want them to feel better soon. That is why preparation is very important!


Cooling Gel Pad 退热贴 - tuì rè tiē

One of the necessities, when kids have a fever, is a cooling gel pad. Whoever came out with this idea is a genius. It is super easy to use and carry around. Besides, it is also easy to find and inexpensive. It doesn’t take much space in your medicine cabinet. To get an ex cooling effect, place them in a refrigerator before use.



Baby Nail Clippers 指甲刀 - értóng zhǐjiǎ dāo

Babies nails are razor sharp and they grow so fast. It is definitely not photogenic to have scratches on babies especially on the face. So, it becomes parents regular task to trim babies nails. We would like to suggest you get a good quality nail clipper and store them neatly. It is recommended to have a separate nail clipper for your child instead of using one for a whole family. The idea is to be hygienic, and not to transmit germs or bacterias between each other.


Nasal Aspirator 婴儿吸鼻器 - yīng'ér xī bí qì

Having a sick baby/kids is no fun! Parents do everything to ensure their kids stay healthy, but those annoying gems always find a way to sneak into households. If you have been up all night with a baby who has a stuffy nose, you get what I mean. In fact, it's frustrating and painful to see your baby struggling to breathe normally and, as a result, adults don’t get much sleep. Babies can not blow their noses themselves, so buying a bulb syringe is a common tool used on babies and kids which removes excess mucous from nasal passage. If you don't have one yet, go and get one.



Petroleum Jelly 凡士林晶冻 - fánshìlín jīng dòng

Petroleum jelly has been around for decades and is one of the most popular product in pharmacy. The product is so versatile that can be used on from diaper rash to your cracked heels. Having a multi-purpose product is a bonus, not only saves money on buying various products but also gives some space in your cabinet.



Thermometer 体温计 - tǐwēnjì

Whether you have a kid or not, this tool should be in your household at times. It does not have to be glamorous but it's important to get an accurate reading. Knowing the right temperature helps in decision making for parents whether to visit the hospital at 3am in the morning. Make sure to have extra batteries when needed.


Prunes 西梅 - xī méi 西梅泥 - xī méi ní (prune puree)

This item is not exactly medicine, but it works wonders when your baby experiences constipation. Prunes can come in a form of puree, and also juice. Either way, it gets the job done amazingly.



Other essentials


Flu medicine 感冒药 - gǎnmào yào

Having the flu is no joke. When our noses start to drain, and Kleenex becomes our best friend. Flu season starts from fall to spring. So, let’s get prepared and fight the gems back. A word of advice, when you start feeling uncomfortable, do not wait until the flu gets worse which makes the process ugly and irritating. Immediately, consider taking a rest and make yourself comfort food or take a day off, why not! At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own body. On top of that, we cannot stress it enough, getting sufficient sleep during the night is the first and basic step you can do to prevent illness.



Aloe Vera 芦荟 - lúhuì

Having a multi-purpose product is an excellent choice, like aloe vera which claims to be one of nature’s most resilient plants. But once you have it, you going to love aloe vera. It is an amazing silky product that contains lots of vitamins and nutrients. It is useful for your skin that helps with burns, acne, hair growth and gives moisture. It also has many natural healing properties which helps the body to overcome issues like blood sugar level, heart health, and many more.


Honey 蜂蜜 - fēngmì

People used honey as a home remedy for centuries. Honey is full of vitamins and minerals which fights off free radicals. I use honey for my family as a little boost for their immune systems. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, with a glass of warm water add a tablespoon of honey. By drinking this way, not only warms your body organs but also helps with blood pressure and hypertension. Another common natural remedy is warm honey lemon water that helps with flu, cough and sore throat.



Other medicines and things will come in handy, but you do not need to stock up in piles. The simple way is to put them in small baskets and label them. Items like insect repellent, anti-septic wipes, lip-balm, cotton balls, eye drop, cotton swabs, sore throat relief etc…


儿童止咳糖浆 - értóng zhǐké tángjiāng (cough syrup for kids)

止痛药 - zhǐtòng yào (painkiller for headache for adults)

眼药水 - yǎn yàoshuǐ(eye drop)

棉签 - miánqiān (Q tip)

防蚊喷雾 - fáng wén pēnwù (mosquito repellent spray)

喉咙含片 - hóulóng hán piàn (sore throat relief)


First Aid 急救箱 - jíjiù xiāng

First aid kits have to be prepared all year round, and refill whatever it's needed. While you store the kit away from small kids, at the same time let older kids know the purpose of it and tell them where to find it. Do not forget to include not just ordinary band-aids but also ones with cute designs.



Considering the current situation for what is happening around the world, we thought it is worth to mention here the basics that are hand sanitiser, mask, disinfecting wipes and alcohol disinfectant. Probably, you get tired of hearing those sentences like wash your hands, wear a mask but we would like to give you a little nudge to remind you again to follow basic hygiene and rules. We do not want to leave without mentioning about cellphones. In fact, it has more germs than your toilet seat. Please, wipe your cellphone daily with an alcohol disinfectant to get rid of unwanted germs.


洗手液 - xǐshǒu yè (hand sanitiser)

口罩 - kǒuzhào (mask) 酒精湿巾 - jiǔjīng shī jīn (alcohol wipes)

酒精喷剂 - jiǔjīng pēn jì (disinfectant spray)

绷带 - bēngdài (bandage)

创可贴 - chuàngkětiē( band-aid)

膏药 - gāoyao (hot/cold patch for muscle relief)



Helpful tips

Take out everything from your medicine cabinet and go through every single item. You may find unused, expired and medicines that do not apply to you anymore. Keep out of reach subscription pills far from children. Place a first aid kit where you can reach out easily.


Disclaimer: Please note that the items mentioned above are for general knowledge and not taken as medicinal advice. Consult your pediatrician or doctor for further consultation. For serious complications, immediately call a doctor.


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