Beyond Beef Tomato Cheese Quesadilla Arrives at Starbucks Locations across China

By 2021-03-16 15:27:25

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Beef features in Starbuck’s newly launched Beyond Beef Tomato Cheese Quesadilla. This delicious new offering joins the foodie-favorite Beyond Beef BBQ Flavored Sandwich and Beyond Beef Classic Lasagna on the Starbucks GOOD GOOD menu. The Beyond Beef Tomato Cheese Quesadilla is available now in Starbucks locations in most cities nationwide throughout China.

The Beyond Beef Tomato Cheese Quesadilla features plump and juicy plant-based Beyond Beef seasoned with tomato and cheddar cheese. The plant-based meat filling also contains diced asparagus for added flavor. The quesadilla is finally garnished with more tasty tomato and cheese on top.

Beyond Meat’s plant-based meat offers the juicy taste and satisfaction of animal-based meat while contributing the nutritional and environmental benefits of plant-based protein. The result is a health-conscious option that remains tantalizingly tasty.

Beyond Meat has been actively promoting the benefits of plant-based meat since launching in China in April 2020, when it first appeared on the menu at Starbucks. This latest product launch comes on the tails of other exciting developments in China, including:

  • Beyond Meat X OATLY - In December 2020, Beyond Meat collaborated with OATLY to produce a series of reusable merchandise, carrying the spirit of sustainability into the busy festive season. OATLY is also one of the  key partners alongside Beyond Meat with Starbucks for the GOOD GOOD platform.
  • “One Million Ways to Live Healthier” Campaign – Also rolling out in the winter season was Beyond Meat’s brand campaign in China, inviting consumers to see how, over time, small changes can have a meaningful impact on health and planet. The launch included an exclusive capsule collection produced with street culture brand DOE using upcycled materials.

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Products Featuring Beyond Meat on the Starbucks GOOD GOOD Food Menu

Beyond Beef™ Tomato Cheese Quesadilla

Succulent and juicy plant-based beef is seasoned with tomatoes and cheddar cheese, then mixed with diced asparagus to add another taste dimension. It is then topped with tomatoes and shredded cheese to deliver a whole mouthful of flavor.

Beyond Beef™ BBQ Flavored Sandwich

Tantalizing plant-based beef is slowly roasted with cumin, garlic, black pepper and other spices. It is then paired with fragrant cheddar cheese and plant-based eggs before being topped with a delicious secret sauce and sandwiched between multigrain toast.


Beyond Beef™ Classic Lasagna

A classic Italian delicacy featuring three layers of tender plant-based beef mince, carefully seasoned and fried with tomatoes. After mixing with cheese, it is thickly sandwiched between four pasta layers and baked until soft and golden brown. Every bite is a combination of the mouth-watering cheese aroma and the plant-based meat sauce, providing a divine taste experience. This meal is paired with delicious roasted vegetables.


Beyond Beef™ Teriyaki Wrap

Tender and juicy plant-based beef is carefully blended with a sweet-but-not-oily teriyaki sauce, then combined with sliced roasted red pepper, scrambled eggs, fried onions and sweet vegetables for a delicious and satisfying meal.

*Individual store offerings may vary depending on locations. Please refer to each store for  their offering.