Style Solutions: Flirty Spring Styles

By Eve Wee-Ang 2021-04-07 12:16:51

Spring. Just the word itself brings forth new hope and fresh beginning. Tune up your senses to birds chirping, insects humming and flowers blooming. Spring is a time when Mother Nature puts up a dazzling show unabashedly bold in showing off her cacophony of colors. 

As temperature in Shanghai slowly warms up, it’s time to take up Mother Nature’s invite and head outdoors to play! After months of winter hibernation, research has shown that just adding a pop of colour into your wardrobe lifts your mood instantly. Drawing from nature’s cue, here are some spring shades to dip into. 

Orange: Uplifting and energizing just like the warmth of the sun. 

Blue: Calming and tranquil, the feeling you get when gazing at clear blue skies. 

Green: Grounding and safe, the colour of nature that melts stress and anxieties away. 

Regardless of whether you are into floral prints or pure colours here’s some outfitting ideas for all style types on how to dress for a spring garden party.. 


Mum in Focus: 

Gina Martinez from Mexico is a mum of two and owner of Onederful Life that helps to curate and organise spiritual ceremonies for impactful life transitions like farewells and baby showers. In Shanghai for six years, she enjoys flowy dresses and skirts in bright hues for spring. Her go-to label is Isa Castelli and the small shops along Nanchang Road, Fuxing Road, Julu Road, and Anfu Road. 

Hibiscus Book Tote by Dior,

28,000 RMB

Silk floral slip dress from Edition, 

989 RMB


Floral skirt from Hi High Call High,

358 RMB


How to Wear It

Minimalist: You are happy to have a capsule wardrobe on rotation but don’t mind the occasional spring splurge. Start small with accessories like a floral bag or scarf that will instantly add a jolt of colours to your classics. 

Sporty: You sweat, play and live in sportswear. As sports brands morph into athleisure apparel designed for both workouts and leisure, you may like to try a pair of floral tights or my favourite combination: A pastel coloured dress with sneakers. 

Feminine: Bask in this romantic season and pile it on! Layer florals with bird prints or add stripes into the mix for that element of surprise. Even better, keep them under wraps with a leather jacket or trench coat so that when you casually remove it, it feels like you’re revealing a basket of fresh flowers. 


Photos by: Collect Moments