How to Survive Nature This Spring

By Nicole Chia 2021-04-07 12:29:48

With better weather always comes a need to get out and about in Shanghai. The spring season brings new opportunities for dining al fresco, spending time in blossom filled parks, and banishing your heavy winter jacket into the back of your closet! Here are some tips on how to enjoy the springtime weather in Shanghai. 


1. Plan outdoor dates! As soon as the springtime weather rolls into Shanghai there is no better time to get out to a park for a social meet up. Especially when there are cherry blossoms in full bloom to check out! Head to Gucun Park in the Baoshan District for the best cherry blossom viewing in the city. There, promptly ignore any friend you have brought with you in lieu of taking 1,000 selfies with the blossoms. If the most bountiful trees are taken, nonchalantly shove aside any child necessary to get to the choice blossoms. Just kidding, don’t shove kids. Teens however are fair game in the Instagram war. 


2. Tiptoe through the tulips! If the cherry blossoms aren’t enough to make you feel the spring then head over to the Daning Lingshi Park in the Jing’an District for it’s famous tulip festival which happens in March/April. The park has around 1.6 million imported tulips and landscaping guaranteed to whisk your senses away to the Netherlands. After strolling through the park take the opportunity to roll around on the grass like a toddler having a tantrum since it’s one of the only parks in Shanghai where you’re actually allowed to sit on nature’s carpet!


3. Treat yourself to a new raincoat! Springtime in Shanghai also means the arrival of plum rain season. If you haven’t yet been blessed to go through this season, all we can tell you is prepare to be WET. And not like a gleeful spritzing wet, more like “I stepped out of my house for 0.6 seconds and it’s like I was showered by an elephant - wet.” So, what better way to stop your soggy blues than to treat yourself to a new custom rain jacket at the South Bund Fabric Market on Lujiabang Road? Outfit yourself with custom long sleeves, custom length down to your calves and an extra big hood to keep yourself nice and dry! Think Paddington Bear but with less marmalade. Or, also custom fit your new jacket with extra large pockets for MORE marmalade! That way you’ll be dry and well fed. 


Despite the wet weather, there is so much of Shanghai to enjoy in the springtime and we’re sure you have lots of people willing to brush off those winter blues to spend some quality outdoor time with you! Plan some brunches, buy a new pair of wellies and get ready to enjoy all that spring has to offer before the sweltering summer heat arrives! And if spring really isn’t your thing, just watch from your windows at all the other people being tormented by the spring’s other main event: the start of mosquito season! 


It’s a season full of chances to have a great time and fill up your social calendar to the brim, just be careful to not let it overflow!