Dulwich College Shanghai Students Share Their Passion for Service and Sustainability

By 2021-06-07 12:46:18

Children are innately hardwired to care about the world around them and take action to solve problems that they see. At Dulwich College Shanghai, Living Worldwise is about more than teaching global citizenship. We see it as our responsibility to empower our students with the skills and disposition to tackle problems head on, to enable leadership, and to foster the spirit of ingenuity that will allow them to shape the world of tomorrow. Some of our students share the projects they have spearheaded to make a positive difference in the world


Curtis, Y11

"A team of Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi students put forward an idea for the Dulwich pioneering spirit grant. Our idea was to introduce ‘Farm Bot’ on campus: an off the grid ‘robot farmer’ which sows, waters and observes crops as they grow, remotely notifying us when they are ready for harvest. The older students in our team set up the technology and were able to teach the Year 7s about sustainable agriculture, so everyone gained something.”


Zoe, Y11

"Over the years, the use of palm oil has done huge damage to rainforests around the world. At Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, we are committed to sustainability, so I started a campaign to remove palm oil from our restaurant. I met with the restaurant staff, and proposed some alternatives to using palm oil for cooking. Eventually, they agreed to use substitutes which were more sustainable. We now have a palm oil free menu in our restaurant.”


Winnie, Y13

"The Peace Centre (TPC) is a home for orphaned children situated in Southwest Uganda. With a vast number who are double orphans with no immediate family, most of the children are behind in school because they have not been able to afford the fees. Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong has a long standing relationship with TPC. Our service trip to Africa to support TCP was truly an unforgettable experience. The community welcomed us into their culture, and from singing together, reading to them as they made us friendship bracelets or walking them to school, I will treasure those friendships forever.”


Coco, Y12

"Design has always been close to my heart, and upcycled clothing is a way to combine my passions for fashion and sustainability. Over the last few months I have designed and produced a range of apparel from materials that would normally be thrown away. It’s been a real team effort with students involved in procuring materials and producing the clothes. I will be exhibiting my upcycled fashion show at this year’s Eco Warriors Summit and hope to highlight how easy it is for my fellow students to make a difference.”


Student agency is a core tenet of the Dulwich educational philosophy and we strongly believe that authentic global citizenship is enabled when we empower our students to take action on the causes they are passionate about. We are excited to see what new ideas can be formed when our students feel valued and supported to stand up and make a difference.


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