Living WELL at Central Residences II

By 2021-06-07 14:09:24

Healthy and safe living got easier with a seal of approval.

One positive effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is a focused attention on health and safety practices, improvement of existing systems, and creation of new, ongoing standards for the future. The serviced apartment Central Residences II recently underwent a health and safety evaluation by the International WELL Building Research Institute, and earned the WELL Health and Safety 2021 seal. This makes them the first residential building in China to earn this seal. Shanghai Family sat down with Tony Wang, general manager of Kerry Properties Development Management Shanghai, to learn more about the building’s health and safety measures. His answers were translated and edited from Mandarin.

Why was it important to Central Residences II to obtain the WELL health and safety seal?

Our clients are our residents. They spend 90 percent of the time in an indoor environment, so it matters to them whether our building is safe. At present during the COVID-19 pandemic, how well we control our building environment is something under our control. Our actions, if sufficient, can combat the uncertain pandemic situation.

The seal is necessary. It uses a scientific and systematic method to confirm that our every step is done correctly. A seal is authoritative, and WELL is an international standard. Since our clients are international, an international standard fits. So we went with WELL.



Why is the seal beneficial in Shanghai where community spread infections are very low?

First of all, we are very grateful for some of the country’s practices, some of the government’s practices. Shanghai and even the whole of China is a very safe place under the pandemic. I believe that the government has done a lot of work on the whole. It manages the travelling population in the community and requires isolation measures for the health of people returning to Shanghai. All have ensured the overall safety of the community in Shanghai.

Next, if Central Residences II can do better in terms of our water, air, and human contact, then we can complete the prevention and control of this pandemic. The government won’t go into such details, so we will do more delicate, more detailed work.


What new modifications and protocols were introduced as part of the WELL seal?

Of course, we have already done what we could have done, but we need to have a seal mechanism to help us. Instead of relying on ourselves to do it well, there is a third party (WELL) to check and say it is done right.

First of all, we reviewed the apartment. The treatment of water and soft water ensures that we provide pure water quality.

Secondly, we have installed an air purification system that doesn’t involve opening the windows. In the case of an emergency, fresh air can be delivered indoors, and then the contact of respiratory particles can be reduced.

Thirdly, we have some non-contact measures. For example, there is a QR code and facial recognition payment for parking fees, and we can even provide a 24-hour unmanned operation of the gym, which can be accessed through facial recognition. Then we will regularly perform ultraviolet disinfection, conduct health code readings, provide odorless, environmentally friendly hand sanitiser, and a quick dry hand dryer, etc.

Other actions include selecting cleaning products that comply with industry standards and have corresponding quality inspection reports, and formulating standardised cleaning and disinfection operation procedures. Multiple emergency plans were formulated to prevent and control the coronavirus, along with inspection of fire-fighting facilities and equipment, and regular practice drills.

These are what we have already done or are doing, and for this WELL seal, we received a high score.

When this epidemic is over, Central Residences II will still keep renewing the seal. We saw that we had SARS in 2003, and then I have also seen some scientific reports saying that the next big virus may appear again in five years and ten years, so I think that caring for people is continuous and long-term.


About the WELL Health and Safety Rating
The International WELL Building Institute launched their Health and Safety Rating in August 2020. In order to achieve the annual seal, an applicant must pass at least 15 of the 24 criteria.

About Central Residences II
The serviced apartment is a member of Kerry Properties. It has 214 units, with over 60 percent of units measuring over 200 square metres. About a hundred children are counted as residents. Features in the Central Residences II and across the street at Central Residences I include a swimming pool, clubhouse, basketball court, tennis courts, kid’s Cozy Corner, private event space that opened this February, and fitness gym.

Central Residences II
Address: No. 166, Lane 1038, Huashan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Tel: 6226 6633