International Education at Shanghai French School

By 2021-06-07 14:24:16

Prepare for international higher education with an ambitious curriculum in a trilingual environment.

For many international families living in Shanghai, selecting a school for their child may be one of the most difficult decisions in parenthood. The right school should inspire learning and prepare the child to succeed in a globalised environment.

If you are looking for a school to groom the future global citizen, you may consider the Shanghai French School (Lycée Français de Shanghai). The school welcomes about 1,560 students, provides graduates with The Baccalauréat, the French National Diploma. This world-recognised qualification allows graduates to transition to any global academic curriculum or apply to top universities all over the world.

Trilingual environment

For those who aren’t familiar with the Shanghai French School, it is not only for French speaking families. For non-native French speaking students, a French intensive support programme is offered (called FLSCo: French as Language of Instruction), which generally takes place over two years, allowing students to learn the fundamental language and learning skills required in school while following class in the general stream, with the rest of students.

There, the children can develop their oral and written abilities in three languages (French, English, and Chinese) and build strong grammatical foundations. Only after completing this programme are they allowed to transfer to the European English, International American, or International Chinese Streams. As an international French school, accredited by the French Ministry of Education and part of a global network of 535 schools in 139 countries, the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), Shanghai French School ensures that at least 50 percent of the classes are taught in French. But children are also allowed to explore other languages and cultures, thanks to those dedicated language streams, allowing them to master up to four languages upon graduation (as they can also choose Spanish or German).

With exposure to different languages and native English-speaking teachers, children also have the advantage to engage with different cultures, allowing them to, confidently, “follow a class in French and then speak Chinese with your friends or switch to English, it’s something very natural here”, says Mrs Lorenzoni, Head of Languages.



The International American Stream

Students who are enrolled in the International American Stream benefit from a specific curriculum with many courses taught in English and a special focus on America, such as history, geography, and literature classes. Mrs Gouix, the Head of School, adds, “it’s very interesting watching the students able to identify and switch between different cultural thinking and mindsets means, we nurture them as universal citizens, meaning they will be able to work in a very international environment”.

The International American Stream functions within the French school system. The methodology followed provides students an opportunity to be exposed to bilingual and bicultural perspectives, “whether it is world history or American history, teaching the students on how a particular event might be seen from a European or American perspective will broaden their horizons,” adds Mrs Gouix.

With most universities accepting the accreditation of the French Baccalauréat worldwide, graduates from Shanghai French School are not limited to studying in France only. If standardised tests are required for university, the school is also a testing centre for the SATs, giving students the utmost opportunity for a global higher education.



An ambitious curriculum leading to a multilingual diploma

For parents looking for greater opportunities in their child’s higher education, these language streams are an interesting choice that leads to the International Option of Baccalauréat, also known as OIB, in their last two years. This program has a recognized American Section that allows a seamless transition for students at Shanghai French School who plan on studying university in the United States of America.

This programme combines the breadth and rigor of the French Baccalauréate with history and literature taught and examined in English, resulting in a bilingual, bicultural diploma. The OIB provides students with university entrance qualifications valid not only in France but also worldwide. For the OIB graduates, depending on their test results and the university, they can earn university credits. The US College Board and the French Ministry of Education work in partnership to implement and ensure the quality of the American section of the OIB.

With two campuses in Shanghai, in Qingpu and Yangpu districts, the latest of which opened in 2019, the Shanghai French School might just be the school your child needs. As a not for-profit school managed by families, it is also one of the most affordable international schools in Shanghai.


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