Desserts to Take You Around the World

By Oi In Lin 2021-06-15 16:48:14

Lack of international travel getting you down? Have some dessert and travel somewhere exotic!

The sweltering heat and humidity in the air means that summer has arrived in Shanghai. Though it’s tempting to stay at home all day with the AC on full blast, one of the best ways to enjoy summer is to treat yourself to some sweets. Let’s look at a few desserts from around the world that are perfect for the summer heat.




Kulfi is a frozen dessert originating from India. While it’s similar to ice cream or gelato, it’s much denser and creamier. In the traditional malai (cream) kulfi, a pot of milk is thickened through boiling, and the addition of cream and corn flour increases its consistency. Kulfi can also be made into popsicles. There are many traditional and new flavours available such as mango, rose, strawberry, saffron, and pistachio.

Masala Art boasts a wide variety of mouth-watering Indian dishes, and their menu also includes vegetarian options. Be sure to have some kulfi at the end of your meal!

Address: 397 Dagu Road
Tel: 6327 3571 or 180 0177 2769




Kueh Lapis, also known as Rainbow Lapis or the Nine-Layered Cake, is a traditional steamed dessert originating from Indonesia, and is widely enjoyed in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore as well. Made from tapioca starch, the Kueh Lapis is chewy and has a rich flavour of coconut milk. Each layer of the cake is steamed individually to create this vibrantly coloured, nine-layered sweet!

Little Nonya specialises in traditional Singaporean snacks, and offers an authentic taste of the Kueh Lapis alongside other delectable dishes!

Address: B02, 3F, 838 Wanhangdu Road

Tel: 198 2167 3197




“Affogato” is Italian for “drowned”, and it’s quite a fitting name for this coffee-based treat. Traditionally known as ‘affogato al caffe’, the standard Italian recipe is to pour a shot of hot espresso over a scoop of gelato. The melting ice cream mixed with warm coffee creates a delightful, bittersweet flavour for your palate! Other variations of this dessert may contain a shot of liqueur, such as Baileys, amaretto, or Kahlua.

Ollienollie is a café that’s known for their amazing affogato. With its quaint decor and motorcycle motif, it’s the picture-perfect place to enjoy a delicious glass of affogato al caffe!

Address: 60 Yongkang Road




Bingsu, or bingsoo, is a popular shaved ice dessert originating from South Korea. Normally, it consists of a selection of chopped fruits, condensed milk, and fruity syrup piled atop a bowl of shaved ice. There is a wide variety of bingsu, such as Oreo bingsu, mango bingsu, or strawberry bingsu. “Pat-bingsu”, translated as “red bean shaved ice” in English, is the most common one.

Shaved ice is the best cure for a sweltering summer day, so head on over to IL-SOLE for some icy goodness!

Address: 2F, 567 Fuzhou Road

Tel: 021 3376 5826




Ta-Koh, also known as Coconut Sago Pudding, is a dessert from Thailand. Wrapped in a banana or pandan leaf, it’s a small, two-layered treat with salted sago on the bottom and thick coconut cream on top. Sago is an edible starch that’s similar to tapioca, and it’s coloured with natural food in Ta-Koh. A perfect combination of sweet and salty, there are many flavours including corn, taro, and chestnut.

Be sure to visit Thai Gallery for a taste of this addictive dessert!

Address: 1649 West Nanjing Road

Tel: 021 6217 9797