Swimwear for all Mums

By By Eve Wee-Ang Photos by Ivy Ou-Yang 2021-06-15 16:49:38

Sun-Soaked Summer

Summertime in Shanghai is a scorcher that often has me fantasizing about jumping into a pool or a glorious beach without a care. That’s because like most Chinese women, I flee from the sun. Coming from Singapore where the sun bakes year-round, cloudy days are a hurray for us. While I love a refreshing dip on a hot summer’s day, I am always well-equipped with my sun-hack kit: a giant straw hat, slabs of sunblock and a big shirt to protect from harmful rays. 

In Shanghai, beach culture is almost zilch with the nearest man-made version located in Jinshan District, 30 minutes from the city. There is a no swim policy, but nobody will stop you from putting on your swimsuit for volleyball or dipping your feet into the water. Otherwise, swimming pools and waterparks are aplenty around Shanghai to cool off from the heat. Of course, there’s always Sanya, a three-hour flight away that is affectionately nicknamed The Hawaii of China. 

As a mum to two adolescents whose daily exercise is an hour outdoor stroll with no impressive abs to show off, I feel most comfortable in a rash guard worn over a one-piece maillot. On the other side of the spectrum, a fitness mum may sing in a skimpy bikini and deservedly so! For mums who avoid the sun like the coronavirus, there is plenty of swimwear that offers generous UV coverage; some without a sliver of your skin showing! You can always count on the Chinese to innovate when the need calls. 



Maillot from NEIWAI, 499 RMB


Cotton loose shirt from ARKET (Tmall), 
599 RMB


Bikini top from Oysho, 
169 RMB


High-waisted bikini bottom from Oysho, 199 RMB


How to wear it

Sun worshippers: Tan lines are a bummer. Solution? Strapless bandeau set so you can doze off worry free. 

Sun avoiders: UV protection clothing is your best friend. From rash guards to hoodies to tights, it’s wearable sunscreen. 

Loungers only: Pick from embroidery to glitter to crochet bathing suits that are meant for staging rather than swimming. Summer is here! 


Mum in focus: 


Freelance yoga instructor and mum of two girls, Ivy Ou-Yang loves the sun; evident from her glowing bronze complexion that bounces off light. An avid trail runner, surfer and free diver, Ivy’s favorite beachwear is a bikini in solid shade from US brand Lisa Marie Fernandez and French label Eres. For lounging, she loves throwing a baggy white shirt over top, which compliments her perfectly.