Street Signs: North Xiangyang Road

By Anabela Mok 2021-06-15 16:51:44

Spotlight On: North Xiangyang Road

District: Xuhui
Cross Streets: Middle Huaihai Road and Julu Road
Nearest Metro Station: South Shaanxi Road, Line 1, 10, 12


Whether you are looking for a place to spend a relaxing afternoon or to go at night, North Xiangyang Road will be a good destination to visit. Located in Xuhui District where old villa style houses now house millennial friendly coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. If you are looking to find where the cool kids go to hang out, look no further than here.


1. Xiangyang Park is a French-styled park that was first opened to the public in 1942 as Dumet Park. In May 1950, the park was officially named Xiangyang Park. Here you can find over 100 species of flowers and trees, and spring time is the most beautiful with the spring blossoms. 

Address: 1008 Middle Huaihai Road


2. Kah Wah Center is a 40-story tall commercial building opposite Xiangyang Park. This building has a mix of commercial tenants and some of Shanghai’s famous F&B staples such as Element Fresh, Liquid Laundry, Moka Bros, and Beef & Liberty are located here. Whether you need a healthy bite or a scrumptious burger, you are not deprived of choice. 

Address: 1010 Middle Huaihai Road


3. The Camel’s new home has the same vibe it’s previous Yueyang Road digs.Here you can watch live games and on a slow sporting day, enjoy their balcony for people watching or just getting a cold one.

Address: 97 North Xiangyang Road
Tel: 6437 9446


4. Love Concept Café is like your living room. This pooch-friendly coffee shop also sells Strictly Cookies, which is a wonderful treat to go with your caffeine. To make your summer more bearable, you can enjoy some coffee tonics. Just look for the pink shutters and turn inside the residential lane house entrance. 

Address: 68-1 North Xiangyang Road

Tel: 157 2155 1597


5. EGG is a cozy and laid-back small concept restaurant that specializes in egg dishes. However, it is more than that. You can sink your teeth in a filling grain bowl or, indulge in buckwheat pancakes, house-made granola, need we say more? They are vegan friendly and have clear indicators of which items on their menu is plant based.

Address: 12 North Xiangyang Road


6. Broken Dagger is a speak easy concept from the city’s top barman, Geo Valdivieso. Hidden behind a sleek grey metal façade, if you like your drinks with a dash of flash, you will enjoy The Broken Dagger. Averaging anywhere from 90 to 130 RMB, their new drink menu has just launched and is worth a visit. 

Address: 93 North Xiangyang Road 

Tel: 177 0175 1373