Commitment is a Drag. Try ClassPass Instead! Use SF's Promo for Flexible Fitness and Wellness.

By Anabela Mok 2021-06-24 12:07:45

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Have you ever imagined what it’s like to splurge on the city’s hot workout spots, or get a taste of all the top wellness treatments in town? With ClassPass it is now easier than ever to explore a diverse selection of fitness studios and wellness venues on your wishlist.


I used ClassPass to book from an array of gym and spa experiences and this is why I am hooked.



What is ClassPass? 

ClassPass Inc. is an American company that provides access to different fitness classes such as yoga, strength training, barre, martial arts, pilates, boxing, and indoor cycling classes, as well as the use of elite health clubs.

Where is ClassPass available?

Currently, in China, ClassPass has been in cooperation with around 500 venues in Beijing and Shanghai. Users could get easy access to hundreds of classes simply through the ClassPass WeChat mini program. 

What is available on ClassPass? 

Users enjoy the flexibility to participate in sports class (eg. Yoga, Pilates, spinning, strength training, HIIT, dance, boxing, etc.) and wide arrays of lifestyle experiences. (eg. spa, massage, tanning, diving etc) 

How does ClassPass work?

In China, ClassPass operates via the WeChat mini program allowing users easy access to hundreds of classes and experiences. ClassPass works by purchasing credits. Each class users want to join will be based on the number of credits (average, 5-15 credits per class)



As a working mum looking to level up her fitness routine, I don't have much time researching different studios class times. ClassPass’ one-click booking is a time-saving solution for me to find what I’m looking for according to my schedule. 


Using ClassPass, I went and booked studios and spas that are highly praised and hard to join. I made sure to get a good balance of intensity and relaxation. After all, why not use an opportunity to self pamper a bit?


Sweaty lunch break 



Located at the popular Shangkang Courtyard, The Megaformer Lab is a Pilates studio offering group classes using mega reformer machines. The 45-minute class was a great way for me to stretch and tone the fine muscles which I normally overwork during my HIIT class. I am a huge fan of the mega reformer machines when I took these classes overseas a few years ago. Later, I came to find out they are the first studio offering mega reformer group class in Shanghai.



The facilities were top-notch, and I certainly can understand the hype. The location is great and if you need to grab lunch after, you have plenty of options. Will I be back? Yes. Not a bad steal for 19 credits per class.



Quick tan before the weekend


With the unexpected hot weather earlier in the month, rocking out by the pool in a bikini with a farmers tan is not exactly my idea of flattering. At Alpha Tanning Studio, I hoped to even out my tan and was treated to 11 minutes of a standing UV tanning treatment. 



Located inside ICON gym, the service was fast. You can bring your own tanning lotion, or if you don’t have one you can pick one there for an additional 25 RMB. The suntan lotion I bought is supposed to give my skin a rosy champagne glow (but I was told I need to come back twice to get the effect. With each session costing 9 credits, no problem!)


Massage the stress away


I enjoy a good massage.  With a body that is sore from carrying around a 15kg toddler, plus muscle soreness from exercising, a massage is necessary. There are plenty of options to select from on ClassPass if you want to splurge on some of the higher-end places. For example, The Oriental Oil Massage from Subconscious is extremely alluring. 



Once I booked the experience, I just couldn’t wait to jump on the massage table. 60-minutes later and 20 credits less, it was certainly time well spent.



How did I enjoy my experience?


I purchased 100 credits on ClassPass for 733 RMB and used them for these four amazing experiences, which would have otherwise retailed for 597 RMB (1 class at The Megareformer Lab for 244 RMB), 11 minutes tanning at Alpha Tanning for 128 RMB and, Oriental Oil Massage at Subconscious Spa for 320 RMB. For someone who enjoys a good deal without too much time allowed to "shop around" ClassPass is the service, you would enjoy. 



With 52 credits remaining, I could go for a swim at some of Shanghai's luxury hotels such as The Sukothai Hotel or St. Regis Hotel (16 credits for each swim, 120minutes) or, for a metabolic conditioning training at Temporary Human (12 credits), a rowing class from WeRow (7 credits), a 360-degree Whole Body Collagen Anti-Aging Bed treatment from Glow Line Tanning (16 credits) and even Boxing Circuit Training at XRound Boxing Gym (9 credits) and maybe get a few more of the relaxing Oriental Oil Massage from Subconscious (20 credits) the only thing I need to worry about with ClassPass is making up my mind!



How do you use ClassPass?


Open the WeChat mini program and browse all the classes available according to location, time, and the category of the classes.


Step 1: Pick your preferred time



Step 2: Pick your class type



Step 3: Pick your preferred area


ClassPass offer experiences from manicures, tanning, painting, archery, CrossFit, mixed martial arts, pilates, body combat, swimming and more


To book successfully, you need to add credit to your account. So just click purchase, select the right credit package and WeChat pay!  This is a great way to experience different studios to find what works for you.


Shanghai Family Reader Special


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To learn more about ClassPass, extract the QR code below to be taken to their official WeChat account.