Korean Natural Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

By ShanghaiFamily 2021-07-12 16:09:12

The real secret to any makeup success is to be exactly who you are. Sounds easy, but in practice, it's surprisingly difficult-especially when you are a busy mom with little time for yourself. 


You want to look very natural! But the fact is, being natural wearing makeup sounds a bit like a contradiction. Well, K-Beauty, take the makeup game to the next level. The “No makeup” look implies flawless complexion, dewy skin, and youthful vibe that really makes the “Korean look” so desirable to just about everyone across Asia! They keep their makeup look natural too, so they always look effortlessly gorgeous.




South Korean consumers really believe that the will see big results if they continually care of their skin for a long time. Prevention is the biggest segment of skin care in South Korea. That's why they spend a lot of time and effort on skin care, but they want their makeup routine to be as quick and easy as possible. The makeup category is growing in South Korea, and a lot of that is consumers wanting products that do more than one thing - like cushion compacts, a makeup that also protects the skin. As a mum I find this multitaskers a great addition into my daily routines, specially during the morning that I have just a few minutes to get ready. 




The secret to flawless, long-lasting makeup? Your pre-makeup skincare routine! So let's start with the flaw-free canvas. I’ve put together some quick and easy Korean makeup tips that even beginners can follow along with.



Prep Your Skin


The key to achieving Korean like skin’ is actually making sure that your skin is moisturised and hydrated, or ‘chok chok’ as they call it in South Korea. Hence, it is important to always moisturise your skin in the day and night. 




Step 1: Cleanse, exfoliate and tone. Gentle exfoliation will control flakes. 

Step 2: Asses and target the skin. 

Step 3: Moisturise and prime.This is maybe the most important one so makeup don't stick to dry patches, or seep into fine lines. Apply your sunscreen after and wait for 5 to 10 minutes before applying makeup so it doesn't pill or make your complexion look oily. Don't forget to also prime your lips with a lip balm, or use an eye shadow primer if you're looking to do a more dramatic look. 


If your skin is on the dry side, you can consider using a leave-on night mask cream that will give you the extra moisture boost that you need. You can also mix oil into your foundation or choose a moisturising foundation. Don't use too much powder. If your skin is oiler put some powder underneath the foundation and go light on highlighter.



Facial Mist


Regular misting is another way to make sure that your skin remain hydrated and radiant. Consider investing in a good facial mist that you can carry around with you in your bag or leave at your work desk.





BB Cream or Cusion Compact


Since the main aim being a mom is to be quick and easy, I recommend that you check out BB cream or cushion compacts if you haven’t already done so. They combine makeup and skincare into one convenient formula, so you’d be able to moisturise your skin while applying foundation and concealer at the same time. The small, all-in-one packaging of BB cushions are especially handy to keep them in your bag if you just want to touch up your makeup on the go!




Cushion compacts are slightly more popular than BB creams, and while many people love using it, there are a significant number of people who also get the application meth-od wrong. Use the patting motion to apply cushion. This will prevent streaking and give you a dewy look. It's important to note that when using a cushion BB, you must hold the sponge flat in your fingers, and then stamp or pat on the foundation with a light touch. I personally love BB cushions and their many ever-changing manifestations. I've been us-ing Missha M Magic cushion for six years now. This product is great for beginners and pros alike. 


If you still prefer liquid foundation, choose a hydrating formula. Start by applying a light layer of foundation – just enough to cover your entire face with a thin layer. Then, build it up slowly by focusing on areas that require more coverage.


When applying BB cream or BB cushions, work under natural light, such as near a win-dow. You’ll be better able to see exactly how much of the product you are applying on your face and this can prevent you from accidentally piling on too much coverage. Always remember to extend your base makeup past your neckline for a more natural look.



Concealer. Volumer & Highlighter


To achieve that flawless complexion, you’ll probably need something a little more in-tense for those stubborn blemishes that are still slightly visible even after using base makeup. It can also hide those dark eye circles, acne scars, or even redness on your skin.




If you want to make your cheekbones and nose more prominent, you can also use con-cealer as a highlighter. Opt for a concealer that is one shade lighter, and apply it as you would with highlighter. But take note that concealer is not always necessary in a Korean makeup look. If you don’t have significant blemishes, instead of using a concealer, simply pat on a little more foundation on the targeted area. This way, your makeup will be less likely to cake.


A volumer is a clear, or slightly iridescent liquid or cream that you can mix in a 1:3 ratio with your BB cream, or directly add it to areas that you would normally apply highlight to, such as the tops of the cheeks, forehead and nose bridge. It's called volume because it adds a dewy volume to your face. My favourite is the original Etude house Nymph Aura Volumer that contains argan and avocado oil. 


A Powder highlighter works well if you'd like to go with the more subtle dewy look that's cropping up on the streets of South Korea.



Eye Makeup & Brows


Some of the distinctive Korean eye makeup looks include the “puppy eyes” eyeliner and aegyo sal (cute eye bags below your eyes). For eyeshadow, South Koreans prefer to keep col-ours on the eyelids to a minimum as they prefer a more natural look rather than having makeup too obviously piled on. As such, it is recommended that you use neutral or light colours, such as brown, pink, or coral. 



A tip for choosing the right eye shadow is to explore and find colours that suit your skin tone. Head over to drugstores and swatch different shades of eye shadows to find shade that complements or accentuates your eyes.


Many South Koreans prefer to use brown eyeliner as it will give you a softer and more natural look, since black eyeliner can look harsh and fierce. To achieve the puppy eyes look, line your eyes in such a way that the outer end extends outwards and downwards, instead of upwards (which is done in cat-eye looks).


Choose a mascara that is waterproof and smudge-proof to prevent yourself from looking like a panda nearer the end of the day.Use a lash primer or mascara fixer so that your curled lashes will be held in place for the entire day.


Did you know that brows play a huge role in shaping your face? Another element to the youthful, innocent Korean look is to have straight brows with a slight arc at the end. If you look at pictures of South Korean female celebrities, you will notice how they tend to draw their brows in a straight manner!


Naturally curved ones are the ones I like. Whichever you prefer, you have to remember that brow shapes look different on everyone.The next step is to fill in your brows. Begin with light strokes at the start of your brows and slowly work your way to the end, tapering it down to a point. You can choose to work with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder, whichever you’re more comfortable with.


So, that was my walk through the alluring world of korean makeup. After that I hope you're inspired to get out there and discover your own treasures. Always remember to double cleanse to remove all the makeup before going to bed. 



If you're going to spend time and attention putting your face on in the morning, doesn't it deserve the same care to remove it at night?



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