DeltaHealth Launches New Clinic in Changning Gubei

By Shanghai Family 2021-07-12 16:25:48

As the most internationalised district in Shanghai, “Changning is the area of foreigners”. There are more than 80,000 registered foreign residents in Changning District, accounting for 1/5 of the municipal total. There are more than 6,600 foreign-owned enterprises in the district, 70 of which are regional headquarters of multi-national companies. The Chinese and overseas families and enterprises in Changning pose huge demand on medical and health services. DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao is among the earliest international high-end medical institutions in Shanghai. It has announced the official launch of its new location in Gubei SOHO on the afternoon of 8th July.

The new clinic operates close to 20 specialties, including cardiology, general practice, endocrinology, gynecology, pediatrics, digestive medicine and rehabilitation. Better transportation connection and a more comfortable environment in the new location enables the clinic to provide better personalised international medical service for Chinese and overseas customers. The clinic's working hours expanded to 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., bringing significant convenience to medical consultation and heath management consultation for office workers nearby.



The ceremony saw a grand gathering of medical stars. Mr Qiao Xiaohong, President of Changning non-government medical Institutions, Mr Peter Liu, board member of DeltaHealth Medicine and one of the founders of DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao, Prof Sun Lizhong, President of DeltaHealth Hospital and renowned cardiovascular expert, Prof Huang Lianjun, deputy CMO of DeltaHealth Hospital and Chief of Imaging and Intervention Treatment, Prof Zhao Heng, honorary Chief of Thoracic Surgery of the Thoracic Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University and Chief of Thoracic Surgery of DeltaHealth Hospital, Mr Jason Liang, CFO of DeltaHealth Medicine, Ms Fan Zitian, COO of DeltaHealth Medicine all attended the ceremony. The ceremony also welcomed representatives of the clinic's customers, mainstream commercial insurance companies, strategic partners of DeltaHealth and the media, all coming to witness a key milestone in the development of DeltaHealth and share in the joy.



Just as Mr David Hoidal, the CEO of DeltaHealth Medicine, has pointed out, DeltaHealth Hospital is a foreign-invested general hospital with a cardiovascular center of excellence and a comprehensive medical scope that covers preventive medicine, general practice, emergency medicine, internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, medical imaging, TCM, health screening center and digestive endoscopy center. As a strategic partner of Columbia Heart Source in China, the hospital provides general medical services of international standard to patients in East China and beyond. Scince October 2018, DeltaHealth has become one of the high-level non-public BMI fix-point medical institutions approved by Shanghai Municipal Government.



DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao opened in the Changning Workers’ Sanatorium nine years ago. After relocating to the 3rd floor in Block A of Changning Gubei SOHO, the new clinic’s design ideas, curved movement flow and functional area allocation, lighting design, consultation room arrangement and even a small decoration all show a careful attention to human need; the service has also been upgraded to a comprehensive scope of diagnosis and treatment spanning nearly 20 specialties, providing integrated comprehensive medical care that brings together prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as personalised health management services.



Mr Peter Liu, a board member of DeltaHealth Medicine and one of the founders of DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao gave a speech at the ceremony. He emphasized that DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao has provided service to up to 90,000 clinical visits during its nine years of operation, more than 50% of which are foreign patients, commercial insurance holders and long-term customers. DeltaHealth has signed direct-pay cooperation agreements with nearly 60 mainstream insurance companies across the world. The clinic is highly regarded by long-term customers all thanks to the clinic team. They are faithfully committed to the service philosophy of DeltaHealth Medicine, The ‘patient is at the center of everything’. Being a cohesive team, many of the staff on the team have been with the clinic since day one.



Mr Qiao Xiaohong, president of Changning Non-government Medical Institution remarked that Changning is striving to be an outstanding international district, which means the Chinese and overseas families and enterprises in Changning district are posing huge demand on medical and health services. DeltaHealth Medicine and DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao have provided the Chinese and overseas families in Changning district and nearby areas with high quality, one-stop medical health services, building a strong reputation.



The ceremony has also invited physicians and patients for a special sharing session. The internal medicine physician Dr Chu Yanqian and the Korean Physician Dr Kim shared their experience working in DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao and their moving stories with patients.

Mr Mayabb, a foreign teacher working in an international school in Shanghai shared his medical experience with DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao as a foreigner unfamiliar with the local medical system. He sincerely thanked Dr Achal, the general practitioner, for noticing the abnormal finding of his lab examination in a routine check-up and proactively recommended for further MRI and CT scan in DeltaHealth Hospital. Diagnosed with right kidney cancer, Mr Mayabb received surgery in an outside hospital with Dr Achal continuously helping him with communication with the attending physician. During the post-operative rehabilitation, Dr Achal and the medical team of DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao gave him strong support and thorough care, providing professional medical services and recommendations. His colleagues and students were amazed how well he recovered.



DeltaHealth Medicine’s convenient referral green channel, clear commercial insurance billing and the medical system of screening and follow-up in the clinic and surgery and hospitalization in the hospital has created a well-ordered medical model. It has created an one-stop medical close-loop that spans from health screening to clinical treatment, to postoperative rehabilitation and follow-up, covering the “last kilometer” of medical services for patient.



President Sun Lizhong of DeltaHealth Hospital remarked that DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao in Changning district is an extension of DeltaHealth medical services. The clinic enables timely and standardised diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently occurring diseases, family health management and a green channel of referral to DeltaHealth Hospital for difficult and challenging diseases. Since August 2016, DeltaHealth Hospital has completed more than 3000 cardiovascular surgeries. With the powerful one-heart-team model and the support of strong specialties including general and family medicine, female health, thoracic surgery, pediatrics, medical imaging and digestive endoscopic center, DeltaHealth Hospital is building a high-end medical service network that reaches all over the Yangtze Delta Region, bringing unprecedented, personalized health experience to patients in need.



DeltaHealth Clinic Hongqiao is an international general clinic under DeltaHealth group. DeltaHealth Clinic is committed to providing high quality, patient centric medical service with top-notch diagnosis and treatment technology in a modern and comfortable environment. We offer multiple specialty clinics, including General Practice, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Combined TCM and Western Medicine, Cardiology, ENT, Rehabilitation, Psychology, Nutrition, Clinical Laboratory, Radiology and Ultrasound Imaging, etc. DeltaHealth Clinic· Hongqiao provides international medical service in Mandarin, English, Korean and Japanese. DeltaHealth Clinic· Hongqiao maintains direct pay service and cooperation agreements with a dozen of mainstream commercial insurance companies across the world.









据上海德达医疗首席执行官 David Hoidal先生介绍,上海德达医院是以心血管疾病为特色,同时覆盖预防保健科、全科、急诊、内科、外科、骨科、胸外、妇科、儿科、眼科、康复、医学影像、中医、体检中心和消化内镜中心等系列学科的外资综合性医院。作为美国哥伦比亚大学心脏中心在华临床战略合作伙伴,为华东及更广阔范围的居民提供符合国际标准的综合医疗服务。自201810月开始,德达正式成为上海市政府批准的高水平社会办医疗保险定点医院之一。



上海德达医疗的董事,也是德西门诊的创始人之一刘常平先生在发言中特别提到,在长宁开设9年来,德西门诊累计服务的客户达9万多人次。其中,外籍,商保,老客户比例分别都达到一半以上,德达已与全球近60家主流保险公司签署直付合作协议。老客户的高满意度离不开德西团队充分贯彻德达医疗的服务理念 “一切以患者为中心”!德西医护团队的凝聚力很强,现在还有不少是第一批老员工。




在开业现场,还特设了分享环节,德西门诊的内科医生褚燕倩和韩国医生金承焕作为医生代表,分享了在德达德西门诊工作的感受和与患者之间的感人故事。来自上海某国际学校的一位外籍教师Mayabb先生分享了他作为对中国当地医疗体系非常陌生的外国人,与德西门诊如何结下缘分;他由衷的感谢全科医生Dr. Achal 在平时问诊中主动发现他的肾部某项指征异常,积极建议在德达医院做了进一步MRICT检查后,确诊是右肾癌症;Mayabb先生在其他医院做手术期间,Dr.Achal持续协助他和主治医生沟通;术后康复期间,Dr.Achal和德西医护团队给予他最大的鼓励和无微不至的照顾,并持续提供专业医疗服务和建议。他的同事和学生们都很惊讶他现在恢复的那么好。




德达医院的孙立忠院长表示,位于长宁的德西门诊部是上海德达医疗服务的延伸,德西门诊可以为患者提供常见病、多发病的及时诊治与规范服务,家庭健康管理,而对于疑难或是复杂疾病也可通过绿色通道快捷转诊至德达医院。 20168月至今,德达医院累计完成心血管类手术超过3000例。今后依托于强大的心脏团队模式、并围绕全科家庭医学、女性健康、胸外科、儿科、医学影像科、消化内镜中心等优势学科,德达医疗正在探索建立辐射长三角高端医疗服务网络,为江浙沪人群带来完全不同,个性化的健康体验。