Date Night Ideas to Get Inspired

By Gina Batmunkh 2021-07-29 11:51:41

If you and your partner decided to take an initiative and go for a date night, that’s awesome. If you have been married many years and it feels like being stuck in the same routine or having the same date over and over again, then these ideas might help you. Making ‘Us’ time doesn’t mean your marriage is in trouble. Simply going on a date and taking a break from those routines will give your marriage a spark. It is crucial to make time for each other and step out of your daily comfort zones. You might enjoy every moment of it. 



So, you are starting to date intentionally with your spouse, do not expect everything to be romantic, and it doesn’t have to be. It’s about being there and present for each other. 


Side note: Try not to touch the phones all the time, pick up only when it is necessary.



Night Markets



Night markets are great if you are looking for a fun and casual evening date. There are variety of food selections for you to enjoy and devour from Asian to Western cuisine. Click here to read more about night markets. 







Dating doesn’t mean you have to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant. It is about spending time together and having fun. Cycling is a fun form of exercise, and it is cost effective, and it gives you a physical and mental boost. Cycling along Huangpu River is generally excellent and safer compared to a roadside. And I have to say, the cycle paths are wonderful. It is well maintained and well signposted. For cycling tips and more, click here for further reading.




Date Night Restaurants



Wondering where you should plan your next date night? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here is the list of babysitter-worthy restaurants for you and your spouse to check out. 


Shanghai is one of those places that just makes you feel alive. There is just so much energy and it is contagious. My husband and I love trying new restaurants for date nights whenever there is a special occasion or just for no reason at all. Do we need a reason? No. 



A romantic dinner is a lovely gesture to keep the romance alive and sparkling. One of the many ways that you can express your love to your partner, and also the most traditional way is to take him/her out for a nice dinner. The city offers a variety of choices from every cuisine around the world. So, plan ahead and make a reservation in advance. 





Food Tour



This is one me and my spouse like to do from time to time during weekends. Firstly, we make a plan for where to have our appetizer, then we move to a different place for an entrée. Next, desserts and at the end of the day we find a cosy place to chill out for a drink or two. While we move from one place to the other, we often walk. We truly enjoy our walk along the streets of Shanghai, and it can be spontaneous. And before we know it, we could easily reach 22,000 steps. If walking is not your thing, that is completely fine. 




Bar Crawl



Tried and tested with my husband, there are quite a number of bars and pubs at North Xiangyang Road. We had one drink at one place and moved to the other. It was fun and entertaining. You just have to make sure that you have planned a rest and recovery day on the following day.




Movie Night



Kids are in bed and silence takes over the evening in the house. Prepare your popcorn and stretch those legs and get ready for a fabulous movie date night at home. The hardest part is going to be picking a movie. Often me and my husband will go for an action movie and then if we are in the mood for another we switch to TV series. Believe it or not, sometimes we watch Disney animations by ourselves happily, because when you watch with kids it's just not smooth. Do you know what I mean? 




Day Trip



When you want to escape from the big city at least for a day to take a deep breath or if you are time constrained, there are a lot of beautiful destinations near Shanghai to visit for a day trip and they are easily accessible. For instance, water towns, Songjiang, Xinchang, Dianshan Lake, Dishui Lake, Chongming Island, and the list goes on. Click here to read more about water towns, and here for others. 



What are your favourite date night spots or ideas? Feel free to share in the comments.