Mummy Corner: Battle Against Hot Weather

By Gina Batmunkh 2021-08-01 17:44:51

I don’t enjoy the heat and overall summer weather. I despise the feeling of being under the heat and humidity. If I stay outside for a period of time, I get irritated and exhausted. But I do know people who love summer as much as I love winter weather. No matter what you say, sweater weather will always be my choice.



Despite the discomfort from the heat, summer is an easy season to get the whole family outside and moving. You get the gorgeous sunshine, kids are off from school with no homework (huge win for the parents!) and lots of summer activities, which makes it a perfect time to get out and explore. However, being in the heat should not be taken lightly, especially with kids. It has been hot recently (above 33 degrees Celsius), and with the soaring humidity, uncomfortable is only a nice word to describe the weather condition. We all want to go outside, but at the same time, we all want to be safe as possible. Since we all have to function in this heat, I am excited to share some of my favourite ways to beat the heat for the whole family. Plus, to keep it cool and make the most out of summer days until the end of September.





This may sound easier than it actually is. Our bodies are about two-thirds water which makes us vulnerable to dehydration. Staying hydrated not only helps your thirst but also keep you to stay in the course. To make it fun and not boring when you drink water, add slices of cucumbers, lemons, and even berries for a flavour. Also, adding mint leaves makes the water refreshing too. Make sure to drink water before, during, and after the activities. Let the kids drink plenty of water and make sure they are getting enough. Give each water bottle to your kids and keep an eye on them on how much they consume. 



If you feel you are not drinking enough water each day, then try to measure it by drinking X amount of water and keep track throughout the day. If you can’t, then there are tons of measured and cool water bottles available on the market. 



Water, water, and more water! Hydration is vital for all ages during hot summer days and let’s not forget about our furry friends too. Make sure their water bowls stay wet and full. Bear in mind that they are wearing their coats all the time, so be cautious about when you walk your dog when it is hot. And if needed, give them a nice shave.





When it comes down to skincare, I have a low-key routine. I know some people do an 8 to 10 steps skincare routine (I have nothing against it) and I even tried it. It gave me a soft as a baby's skin as a result. But to be realistic, I personally do not have time to do it every single morning and evening. All I do in the morning is cleanse, moisturize, and put sunscreen on my skin. Keeping your routine and products minimalistic during hot summer days is practical. 



I have used different products from different countries over the past years in my life, and I really narrowed it down to what I like and what my skin needs. 


  • Cleanser

  • Toner: personal preference: water-based for summer, thicker consistency for cold weather

  • Exfoliate: physical or chemical

  • Clay Masks: clay mask for the summer, and facial mask for the winter

Love a good clay mask any time of the year, but particularly during humid summer days. Hot weather opens our pores and tends to create easy breakout, that’s why I like to use a clay mask because it draws out dirt and impurities from pores and leaves you with clean refreshed skin. 

  • Serum

  • Moisturizer plus an eye cream: During summer weather our skin needs to be moisturized too, not only in harsh cold weather. 

  • Sunscreen: I always recommend people to use sunscreen whether it is winter or summer, and rain or snow. As long as the sun shines, you have to protect your skin. To read more about sunscreen, click here.




Kids play outdoors more often during summer. Sun can damage those baby skins just like it harms your skin. Apply sunscreen even they are in the water. 





Drinking water is crucial and we know already. In addition to staying hydrated, stay cool  with icy treats and food like DIY healthy, no-sugar popsicles. In an ice-cream mould, freeze a liquid such as plain Greek yoghurt or coconut water and fruits. Ice-cube trays work too. For a healthy popsicle recipe, click here to get it. 



Besides water, fruits are a great way to hydrate too. Watermelons are a fantastic way to introduce as a cooling food and everyone knows that it is refreshing during hot and humid summer days. You can even make your own healthy, homemade drinks at home, using fresh fruit and veggies. This way you are not just hydrating your family, but also nourishing them. Moreover, go for a plain fruit salad as a mid-day snack and I am pretty sure you will please everyone in the family, especially little ones.






When you see through the window and the sun is shining on a wonderful day, and you want to go for a run. Be prepared during those hot and sticky days with the following tips. 



Choose a suitable time for you. For instance, often my husband goes out running either early in the morning or in the evening after the sun goes down. If you decide to run when the sun shines, wear sunscreen and keep the speed not low. 

Hydration. Cannot stress it enough and it is important for a good run. 

Selecting the perfect apparel for your run. Your clothes will definitely get wet and moist when you run in hot, humid weather. Many places sell with different styles, so trying to find one can be overwhelming. Once you find the style you want, stick with them and buy a couple of them. 

Listen to your body. If you need to slow down, walk a little bit, or even stop for a while. Do not get yourself into heat exhaustion and do not try to be a hero and push yourself. 


Note: Safety is your number one priority. Resist the urge to push young children who are dragging. Take a break when it is needed.





Dress accordingly during these summer hot and humid days. Loose-fitting, light-coloured, and breathable fabric is suitable for kids and yourself too. Wear light and protective hats. It is better to choose that are packable and have a wide brim. 



Choose hats are great for small kids too such as bucket hat and get them wet for a quick cool down.





If you can, stay out of direct harsh sunlight when you are out with kids, and avoid going out during the heat peak hours. The safest parts of the day are in the morning and evening, so try to plan your outdoor activities during those times of the day. The middle part of the day is often scorching hot and brutal, so it is the perfect time to stay indoors and take a break from the heat. 



If you have a plan to go out during the mid-day, you can visit an air-conditioned playground, museums, and so on, or just simply stay at home and do some crafts, colourings, read a book, build a fort, or close the curtains, prepare popcorns and have a movie day. The less your body has to move during insanely hot weather, the better. We have gathered a list of indoor playgrounds for kids to enjoy, you can click here to read more about it. As well as click here to read more about museums. 



Additionally, if you like to read with your little ones, there are wonderful bookstores you can visit around the town. Bring your little bookworms and have fun turning the pages and you could easily spend half a day in it. For more information on bookstores, click here



Swimming pools are available for families to beat the heat. Head over to the article to know where to swim.





You might have seen it many times that some people carry small hand fans or necklace fans. This can be useful under the sun when you cannot find a shade, or just generally speaking to beat the heat.  



Too much heat for a long time may lead to heat exhaustion, heat rash, and heatstroke. Please make sure to stay safe during extremely hot days. For any complications, contact your doctor immediately.