​Three Quick Trip Ideas for You and Your Toddler

By Parents&Kids 2021-08-01 17:58:16

Travelling with a toddler is significantly different from that of an infant. For the curious toddler, you may want to go to places where activities are readily available so you both can enjoy the experience together. If you are venturing outside the city, you may also want to consider hotel facilities in case there is bad weather outside. So, where are some places you can consider going with a little toddler?


Kunshan (Suzhou)


We enjoy quick trips outside the city. After all, summer is a time to escape and relax. We took our kid to the Fairmont Yangcheng Lake and enjoyed the facilities the hotel had to offer tremendously. The hotel has got everything you can imagine that can entertain a child. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an indoor playroom (with slides, ball pit and trampoline) plus fun farm and outdoor recreational activities (kayaking, family biking, GoKarting, archery, ceramic making…)


If you want to venture outside the hotel for fun, you can consider taking a 15-minute car ride to downtown Suzhou. You can enjoy a night market atmosphere with savoury snacks and games. We went to 宴昆山·水上盛宴 (yàn kūnshān·shuǐshàng shèngyàn) and you can dine on fake boats. There is also plenty of entertainment in the surrounding complex (located right behind the Lamborghini Hotel)



Farm Visit


Within 45 minutes outside of downtown Shanghai, we can go exploring around the farms. Whether you plan to take a farm visit in Pudong or, go to Chongming Island there are plenty to select from. If you decide to hit up Chongming Island, try out Biofarm. You can go vegetable picking, pet the animals, and even arrange for a meal there.

Or, you can hit up one of the many farms in Chongming Island where you can pick fruits and vegetables. The one we visited was 小前梏创意农场 (xiaoqian guchuangyì nong chang) but also, rent a spot for barbeque and, enjoy a mini petting zoo. 



Water Towns

However, for families that are interested in exploring culture, how about going somewhere nearby like a water town.



Water towns are great option for families to travel for a day trip. Every water town has its own unique characteristics and there are lots of activities you can do, even with young kids. Once your family reach the water town, it is recommended to take a stroll around it while admiring century old buildings and their beautiful details. Evening view of water towns are stunning with its vibrant colours and nighlife. 



Furthermore, you don't have to worry about getting hungry there, plenty of delicious food available for you to enjoy. Also, taking a boat ride with your little one along the canals is fun and adventurous, and the view can be beautiful, even in the evening. 


Travelling Tips:


  1. When going to farms in the spring or summer season, take into consideration the temperature differences between indoor and outdoors. Particularly in areas where there is a plastic covering for picking vegetables and fruit will be very hot as opposed to the open air.

  2. As this is the peak heat time in the summer, consider protective clothing and SPF protection for the family. If you find it necessary make sure you and your family are well hydrated. If needed a portable fan will be of good use to keep cool from heat exhaustion.

  3. For trips that would require going on trains, if pricing is not a budget issue go for the comfort and try to book seats from the First-class section. This is the equivalent of business class seating on flights and you can have the quietness and spacious seating.