We Explored The Roof

By Anouska Panda 2021-08-11 12:32:42

The hottest new lifestyle hub in town.

With Shanghai’s sweltering summer in full blast this August, it is the perfect time to explore the hottest new lifestyle hub in town- The Roof A.K.A. the ‘Red Building’. It encompasses a diverse range of restaurants, bars, cafes, boutiques and offices. Located in Xintiandi, it has become quite the popular attraction for many across Shanghai – and bewildered many as well (mostly because of its striking red colour, that is). 



The most captivating part of the building lies in its intricate architecture and décor. The Roof offers a unique design blended with traditional and cultural concepts, making it a picturesque landmark of modernity. The interior was inspired by Shanghai’s Longtangs and reflects the li’long backstreets. The idea was brought to life by Aspect Studios and famed world-class architect, Jean Nouvel. It includes a total of ten facades with abundant rows of green potted plants that thrive on every surface, giving the building a fresh, lively and urban look.

But of course, the most enthusing (or shall I say scrumptious) part of The Roof is the variety of restaurants, bars and cafes it has to offer. However, it doesn’t stop there. From beauty salons to a relaxing massage spot, the Roof is an open door to your biggest fantasies. Here is a simple directory of some of the best sites to visit at the Roof!


Address: 458 Madang Road, near East Jianguo Road







Rich&Light is a fast-casual restaurant that serves healthy and nutritious dishes, with its menu specially designed to cater to people in search of vegetarian, keto-friendly, paleo diet, and gluten-free food. The food is absolutely mouth-watering ranging from salads (48 RMB onwards) such as their ‘Sous Vide Fillet Avocado Salad’ to tasty superbowls (58 RMB onwards) such as the “Signature Beef Shank Superbowl”. They also offer unique low-carb dishes (48 RMB onwards) with cauliflower rice as well as pasta (65 RMB onwards), sides, and soups (25 RMB onwards)! Their iconic ‘Shrimp Pasta with Red Sauce’ is a must-try. Moreover, Rich & Light does not disappoint in its creative combinations of smoothies (30 RMB onwards), like their unique drink ‘Thai Passionfruit and Lemon’, which is an absolute delight!



Tel: 130 2310 7868

Business hours: from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.







Moofin is a cozy café home to bakery items such as cakes, cookies, and pastries. They truly have it all, with some of their most appetizing desserts being the delightful chocolate fondant (30 RMB), chocolate-chip cookies (12 RMB), dark chocolate roll (20 RMB), and apple Chausson (32 RMB)! They also offer a variety of bread assortments ranging from croissants (16 RMB) to baguettes (15 RMB). Of course, no meal is complete without drinks and Moofin makes sure of it. Iced/hot latte, americano, mocha as well as flavorsome smoothies, you name it, are all available!



Tel: 604 04915

Business hours: from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.



Toyou Books


Now, Toyou books may sound like an ordinary bookstore, but it would be a mistake to turn a blind eye to it because it is so much more than that. Not only is it a place that sells books, but it is a cultural hub as well. 



Upon arriving, the atmosphere radiates serenity and peace, immediately easing the minds of those who enter. The interior design of the bookstore is inspired by the Big You Mountain and the Little You Mountain where books were once hidden. The bookstore’s zen theme is rooted in Chinese culture as numerous links to the mountains are made through the presence of fresh plants, a wall made of artificial stone panels (referring to the Little You Mountain) as well as the earth-toned seats that can be found along with the store, which symbolically represents the mountain’s inner caves.



The bookstore sells books ranging from Chinese classics to new Chinese books and also serves coffee, tea, and an exquisite selection of alcoholic drinks!


Tel: 135 2451 5731

Business hours: from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.



Green Massage



After a long, exhausting day, sometimes, a relaxing massage is all it takes to feel better and Green Massage is there to provide you with the leisure you deserve! Some of their services include aroma therapy, traditional therapy, facial treatment, body care, supreme tech series and their signature package! Green Massage takes pride in their prenatal relief package where the concept is all about mummy pampering (we love to see it!). The Green Pregnancy Massage brings comfort to the minor irritations experienced by women such as morning sickness, stretch marks, odema and constipation. These regular massage treatments are performed by a qualified therapist and can be of great help to all the expectant Shanghai mothers out there!


Tel: 21 5389 0222



Rémissi Beauté



Need a place to get you ready for the day? Rémissi Beauté has all the necessities; ranging from manicure, pedicure, to eyelash treatment! The staff are extremely polite and welcome you upon sight. They also offer tea, coffee and a variety of snacks!


Tel: 173 1730 8604

Business hours: from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.