Exhibitions to Check Out Before School Begins

By Parents&Kids 2021-08-25 14:41:23

If you are looking for an activity to take your kids to before school begins, how about going to visit some of these exciting exhibitions? 


Playful World of Eric Carle @ Kiddy Art Museum


Eric Carle's world of imagination comes to life at the Kiddy Art Museum at the Bund Financial Center. Taking the limelight are his iconic characters such as the Hungry Caterpillar and the Brown Bear series. 




Bonus: There is a wonderful gift shop and plenty of activity for kids. There you can finger paint, make crafts. And, there are plenty of restaurants in BFC so if you need to grab a bite after the exhibition, you and your child are not short on choices. 


Address: Bund Financial Center, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Road, South Block, 5th Floor

Address in Chinese:  上海BFC外滩金融中心中山东二路600号, 南区5层


Tin Tin Exhibit @ Powerstation of Art


If you are a fan of Tin Tin, this exhibition should not be missed. Not only do you get a chance to see his raw sketches, but you also get to see other memorabilia. You get to meet his creator and also his other works of art.



Address: Powerstation of Art, 678 Miaojiang Road, Huangpu District

Address in Chinese:  上海当代艺术博物馆-正门黄浦区苗江路678号 


Mickey Mouse @ Yuz Museum


Images from museum website


If you or your children are Disney fans, come and stop by. "Mickey: The True Original & Ever Curious" exhibition will be shown at the Yuz Museum until  10th October. This is a great way to see how Mickey Mouse is interpreted by more than 50 renowned artists throughout the world. You can find the installations and sound performances to be exciting for your toddler. Plus great photo opportunities with the famous mouse awaits. 


Address: Xuhui District, Longteng Avenue, 35 Fenggu Road

Address in Chinese: 余德耀美术馆 上海徐汇区龙腾大道丰谷路35号




By Shu Yamamoto, you can see the portraiture of cats in famous masterpieces. Here you can take photos alongside iconic paintings, great if you are a feline fan or just want some cool photos on your photo feed. This exhibition runs until 7th October.


Address: Huangpu District, 1246 Suzhou Rd (next to Beer Lady)

Address in Chinese:  八号桥艺术空间-1908粮仓黄浦区1246 苏州路


Please note: 

  • For all exhibits, do not touch any artwork unless it is a designated area or an exhibition that welcomes touching.