Mummy Corner: Develop a Reading Habit for Your Kid and Yourself

By Gina Batmunkh 2021-09-02 12:47:39

Once upon a time before entering motherhood I used to read books, but when our little one arrived, I could not read even a line in a book. My book-clogged heart took a break from books and focused more on family matters. When my son reached at toddlers age, we had a great time on reading, especially bedtime stories. We both love it. 

As children are going back to school, reading a book should be a continuous daily activity. Also, I want my son to fall in love with stories the same way I have. I want them to be captivated by courageous and compassionate characters, and wondrous worlds. And with all these gaming apps, movies, it may look difficult to read books today. So, introducing a book at the early age is one of the early steps to raise a bookworm. By bringing the concept of books and reading at the early age is building a foundation for a future reader, and it will implement deeply within kids. Not just developing a reading habit to your children but to yourself is crucial too.   



Personally, I think that reading is one of the healthiest habits you can develop over time and addicted to it (maybe for life). Books are my best friends, and reading is such a pleasant activity you will never feel alone. I do look forward and count the days when I start a new book from my favourite authors. 


How about you? Do you sometimes wish you could read more books or at least develop a reading habit? Then keep reading. 


Social media platforms

Social media are the biggest distractions we face every day. So, give your brain a chance to remove all the distractions from the environment. When I read, I put my phone on silent/do not disturb mode and put it aside where it is not within my arm reach. Reading involves nothing but me and my book, plus cup of tea. 



You may also set the environment for reading. A quiet and comfortable environment is one of the best ways to enjoy the book, so make a cozy reading nook fun and away from electronic devices. 


Set a daily page goal

I read at least 50 pages per day and that is my goal. If the story gets better or eager want to know about what is going to happen next, I tend to read more than 50 pages. This is kind of important to me because I do not like to commit 4-5 books a month which I could fail. So, reading certain pages daily helps me to achieve my goals. Keep it a routine and you will accomplish whatever goal you set. 



If you are trying to develop a reading habit, I would recommend starting with easy reads. Short and quick reads will help you to get out of your reading slump. Heavy books like classics (either poem or novel) or brick-sized books are intimidating with big words, plots, and hard to digest. Start with easy-to-read classics with minimal characters. Young adult books are wonderful way to start, and they are equally amazing as classics. Also, you can even re-read your old favourites like Narnia, Harry Potter, Persy Jackson etc. Whatever the book is, it should feel warm and cozy. 



Contemporary fictions are becoming popular these days as well as translated works from authors all over the world. All these books can be found in bookstores, click here. Classic literature for beginners, click here


Time management

Some people are morning readers while others are night owls. I just simply do not have that peaceful time during mornings or late mornings. My mornings are hectic. When you have young children, you just do not have that luxury to read a book. So, my ideal time to read is when my kid goes to bed or before my bedtime. 


Read What You Like

Life is too short for books you are not into. But it is good to start reading books from every genre until you can find the ones you are passionate and excited about. You do not have to force yourself to read books just because they are classics or make you look smarter. Read the books you want to read and make you drool when you see them in bookstores or online. 



If you are not sure what to read, there are apps that can help you. For instance, goodreads, blinkist, wattpad etc. Or simply ask people around for book recommendations. Books to get you hooked on Shanghai, click here


Read to your kids

I love reading to my kid, and he loves to listen to me. We always have great conversations and cuddles, and this is one of the best ways to bond with children. Our reading is always during bedtime, and sometimes during lazy Sunday afternoons where we always get ourselves cozy and comfortable. Choosing various topics for your kids’ bookshelves are important for their curious and growing minds. Now and then, I let my kid choose what he wants to read whether it is a picture or chapter book. You can take turns.