Yè Shanghai Shanghai Turns 20

By Shanghai Family 2021-09-10 13:13:17

The name Yè Shanghai, in Chinese, directly translates to "Shanghai in the evening". It is also a line from a classic popular song from the 80s that carries a nostalgic feeling for most local Shanghaiese.


As early as 1998, Paul Hsu, a well-known Chinese American restaurateur, founded the 'Yè Shanghai' brand and opened the first restaurant in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Bringing dining concepts from the west combined with his love for Shanghai cuisine into the country, the restaurant does not only focus on the ingredients, but also the dining atmosphere that embodies the nostalgic Shanghai lifestyle.  Today, Yè Shanghai has four outlets in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei, which have won one Michelin Stars and Michelin Plates for many years.



In 2002, Tony Chi, a world-renowned architect and design wizard, personally planned and designed a Shikumen building originally built in 1928 in the old Shanghai architectural style, bringing Yè Shanghai Shanghai to life.


Combining "new" and "old" features, Yè Shanghai Shanghai presents a paradigm for an innovative impression of the city, which is unexpected but captivating. Small interconnected rooms in traditional "longtang" have been turned into private dining rooms, viewing the scene of crowded passers-by in the old alley through the floor-to-ceiling glass.  The designer saying "The scenery here seems to be telling: Once upon a time...".



Deep-rooted traditions and rich history mixing with futuristic designs appear in Yè Shanghai's dishes. The head chef of Yè Shanghai Shanghai defines his unique interpretation of Chinese food in the new era - integration and creation. By utilizing healthy food ingredients in high quality and simplifying the cooking process, the original fresh taste of the food can be retained so as to create a fusion of Chinese and Western cuisine. By keeping up with the mission and craftsmanship of traditional dishes, we wish to attract all walks of life around the globe to explore and visit. We will endeavor to serve innovative Shanghai cuisine and fine wines to our dear guests.



Elite Concepts is one of Asia's leading groups defining Asian hospitality, they have been adhering to the concept of "better food, better health" for many years. They launched the Green Dragon, a super vegetable from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and also the "ImpossibleTM" series with limitless possibilities. Health and taste are on our top priority!



Time flies when you are having fun, they say – 20 years of distinct dining experiences have gone past in the blink of an eye.  To reminisce the great time we and our patrons had, Yè Shanghai Shanghai is bringing back six classics, sold at the same price from 20 years ago.  Our in-house expert has also hand-picked a variety of wines of the same age as the restaurant to complement this celebratory meal.  


A) Promotions Period:  10th September – 9th December, 2021


I) 6 dishes with an original price from 20 years ago


Steamed Fresh Water Herring     

¥ 280 (half fish)

Braised Prawns with Onion in Sweet Chili Sauce

¥ 118

Crispy Duck served with Bun     

¥ 75 (half bird)

Sautéed Sliced Beef with Scallion   

¥ 50

Braised Pork Knuckle in Dark Soy Sauce  

¥ 68

Braised Bean Curd with Fresh Water Crabmeat   

¥ 78





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II) Enjoy the same wines 2002, vintage Yè Shanghai Shanghai with a special price


Chateau Beychevelle, Bordeaux, France 2002   

¥ 1880

Le Dix de Los Vascos, Century Valley, Chile 2002     

¥ 880


III) From 10th September – 30th September,  2021, we have prepared a bottles of "Tai Diao" yellow wine – 8 years as a gift for every spending of RMB3,000 or above.  Maximum 20 bottles per day, first come first served.



B) Crabfest promotion starts from 18th September – 30th November 2021

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