24 Hours at the Shanghai Museum of Glass

By Shanghai Family 2021-09-29 13:57:13

The Shanghai Museum of Glass is holding special National Day Holiday events. The festivities include upgrading to an experience night tour, a night stay in the museum, and brand new augmented reality games waiting for you.



For this year's National Day holiday, The Shanghai Museum of Glass announced that it would stay open 24 hours a day for maximum fun.

They are launching four holiday events, from morning to night, the four events cover different periods. Tickets are limited, and the museum can help you arrange your own museum experience.

Whether you are young or old, there is an event for you to pick.


Exclusive Art Journey for Early Birds

Features: Skip queues! Enjoy a special guided tour



For those who don't like queuing. Avoid crowds and enter the museum half an hour in advance to enjoy a special guided tour.

Moreover, a customized buffet lunch and a hard-to-grab radiance theater ticket are arranged for you in advance.

After lunch, enjoy the free tour of the park with the joint ticket of the three venues.


The Cultivation of Little Glass Technicians

Features: Train little technicians; Focus on STEAM education



From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., parents can have a rest, we take the children to play while learning, DIY workshop, World Glass Craft Tour course, guided tour of The Kids Museum of Glass.


Immersive Museum Night Tour

Features: The first in Shanghai. Play around the museum with AR games.



In this year's Night Tour of the Museum, the museum has added newly developed mobile games to take you around the 20,000 square meters of the museum park.

You will become a cosmic explorer and embark on your interstellar journey through an AR immersive game. After playing more than 20 games, you can get your own energy treasure box by collecting the five energies of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

In order to give you a better game experience, the park will strictly control the flow of people, no ticket check-in, no waiting. Five planets will give explorers the ultimate experience of unimpeded passage. (Please remember to bring your battery pack.)

The price is ¥359, excluding dinner.


Spend the Night with Your Beloved One at the museum

Features: Share a romantic night with your beloved one at the museum.



12 hours. They've got you covered.

As a feature program called Sleepover at the Museum, which has been running for seven years, many people ask when adults can participate.

In response to your enthusiasm, this National Day holiday’s sleepover event is open to adults and families!

You can choose to pitch a tent indoors or outdoors for the night. Separate shower room is provided, which will give you a comfortable accommodation experience.

If you are a tourist visiting Shanghai, spending the night in a museum is much more fun than staying in a hotel.