Styles for a Jetsetting Teen

By Eve Wee-Ang. Photos by Mavindu 2021-10-21 15:32:49

Some people emanate charisma without trying. They don’t just walk, they strut. When they enter a room, their presence alone powers and lights up the atmosphere.

I first met high school freshman Liu Xiang Xiang onstage when she was performing the role of a villain mother. In one of the scenes, a boy who donned a long-haired wig to play her daughter accidentally dropped his wig on stage as the audience and he erupted with laughter, all except Xiang Xiang who was completely unfazed and continued singing like a professional performer. I remembered thinking, “this girl has an aura about her”.

An avid singer and professional squash player who is currently placed number one in her age group, Xiang Xiang loves shopping like any fashion loving teenage girl. Right up her alley are crop tops with jeans or skirts for nice dinners and oversized tees paired with shorts for casual outings from brands like Brandy Melville, Hollister, Zara, ba&sh and online shop Princess Polly.


Girl on Fire

Teen in Focus:
Fashionista and China’s national squash player Liu Xiang Xiang, 14, believes the most stylish thing is to be yourself. “Don’t dress to impress others, be sure you are completely comfortable with what you are wearing first, then your confidence will shine naturally.”


Xiang Xiang’s Fashion tips

Guy’s Section: For girls looking for oversized shirts, don’t be afraid to check out the guy’s section.

Common Element: Have at least one common color between the top and the bottom so the outfit looks pulled together.

Visualize: When shopping, visualize coordinating the item you are buying with the pieces you already own to gain more mileage. 


Ruched mini dress, Abercrombie & Fitch 770 RMB

Floral mini dress Bershka 159 RMB

Halter neck floral mini dress Bershka, 159 RMB

Dr Martens 1499 RMB

Special thanks to photographer Mavindu (WeChat: Mavinduzero) and Kim Keung for her lovely home.