Sweater Weather Cozy Reads

By Gina Batmunkh 2021-10-21 15:34:08

Finally, the scorching hot weather is over, and it is time to enjoy some cozy fall books while snuggled in your favourite café or comfy spot. It is the perfect time of year to pull out these cozy books. The kind of reads you can curl up with and get so absorbed in, you’ll forget your responsibilities. The list offers romance, a light touch of mental health, coziness, nature, and magic which is exactly what we need for the fall.


Klara and the Sun

Klara is an AF (artificial friend), and she has great observational skills that other artificial friends don’t have. Whenever the store manager places her by the window, Klara loves to observe the outside world where she can see vehicles, people, buildings, and especially the sun. One day a girl named Josie chooses her to be her AF which changes her life and Josie’s too. 


The Maidens

Our protagonist Mariana, a group therapist, is still grieving over her husband who passed away a year ago. She receives a distressing phone call from her niece Zoe. She says her friend has been murdered at Cambridge University. Once a student herself at Cambridge, Mariana finds herself entangled in the mystery of a murder and focuses in on Greek Tragedy professor Edward Fosca. He leads a secret society called Maidens in which all members are female. Mariana sets out to unveil the truth no matter the cost. 


The Sun and Her Flowers

The book is written by Rupi Kaur who executed the poems beautifully. In this book you will find poems about love, heart break, self-love, and much more. Let the words sink in and reflect on the meaning the book has to offer. She created such an impactful and powerful message. 


The Personal Librarian

This is a historical fiction novel about a personal librarian’s life when she is hired by Morgan, a finance guy, who is building his own library. Belle, the librarian, has always had a fascination with books and arts even when she was a little girl. This passion leads her to a position working at the Princeton library where she works until one day she meets Morgan.


The Girl Who Drank the Moon

There is a belief that if you don’t sacrafice a baby to a witch in the woods, the witch will come and destroy the city. So every year, in order to protect the city, parents give up their children as a sacrifice. But in reality the witch poses no danger at all, and she has no intention to destroy the city. Instead, she picks up those poor babies each year from the woods, feeds them and pass them to people who want to raise children on the other side of the woods. One day the witch accidently feeds a baby with the moonlight. As time passes the child develops an overwhelming power. It’s a beautifully written book sure to touch your heartstrings. 


Firekeeper’s Daughter

In this story we follow 18-year-old Daunis. She is a talented science student, hockey player, and a trustworthy friend. When she witnesses a deadly shooting, Daunis finds herself in the middle of a drug and murder investigation. This Native American coming of age story offers murder mysteries, violent impact, non-cheesy romance, and much more. 


You Have a Match 

A 16-year-old Abby takes a DNA test to prove that she is more Irish than her friend. As it turns out she is more Irish, and she has an older sister she never knew about. Plus, the sister is an Instagram star, Savannah Tully. So, Abby heads over to a summer camp where Savannah is located. A love story develops as Abby tries to confront her friend Leo who has a secret crush. 


Other Words for Home

Beautifully written in verse and a highly engaging book, the book will surely take your heart. The story follows a 12-year-old girl named Jude. Her life in Syria was wonderful and she was surrounded by parents, friends and school. But Jude’s life changes when she travels to Cincinnati with her pregnant mother to visit her uncle. 


The Fairies Return or New Tales for Old

How about retelling your longtime favorite fairy tales? In this book, the collection of stories is retold for modern times and mature sensibilities. Through these tales, we talk about social anxieties, political corruption, health issues, and much more.