Compassion, Care and Community

By Anabela Mok 2021-11-01 19:43:12

Brandon Fulton, New Master of Wellington College International Shanghai, shares how young minds are inspired.

What sets a Wellington Shanghai pupil apart from those of other schools?

What sets our pupils apart is the holistic education provided to the children. They grow as individuals and develop a sense of understanding and cultural awareness. 2021 marks the inaugural year of our new dual-language programme. The ambitious project aims to create fully bilingual, biliterate and bicultural pupils through immersion in a dual Chinese and English learning environment focused on further fortifying a Wellington pupil’s sense of pride and place, growing up in China. It will give our pupils the opportunity to excel in two of the most critical languages of the 21st century, eventually being able to function, think and even dream seamlessly in either.

As a parent of a Wellingtonian, how do you feel the school values match your family and how you guide your child?

As a parent I want my kids to have a strong identity and resilience in adulthood. I see our parents, pupils and staff as tilling and nurturing the soil of the community. Together with the Wellington identity of inspiring minds, becoming independent thinkers, growing intellectually and being inclusive gives me the confidence that my child will grow into well-adjusted individual. 


How involved are parents in their child’s academic growth?

Parents are partners in education and their feedback is important.. We communicate often with parents, whether via the formal academic reporting system or informally like coffee mornings or parent teacher events. We also have a more structured process through an organization called the Friends of Wellington, which is a group run entirely by the parents. And I sit on that board as the President and Master of College.

Providing opportunities for parents to learn more about their child’s learning environment and programmes allows them to better support their needs at home. Whether their child is diving into STEM subjects and developing strong quantitative skills or learning about the humanities and growing a strong sense of soft skills in leadership, teamwork, empathy cultural awareness or sports programmes, parental support and guidance is vital to our pupil’s life while learning about meaning in the world.

How does Wellington Shanghai ensure there is a positive community for their pupils?

In addition to the academic subject, our Co-Curricular Activities draws out areas of interest, specialisations, school-leisure life balance, a healthy growth mind-set . This allow pupils a platform to excel and gain confidence in their abilities. We have a formal wellbeing programme. Our house system and pastoral system all work in unison to provide a supportive, caring and nurturing environment for our pupils to achieve academic and non-academic excellence.


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