The Beauty of a Zero Waste Home

By Edda Joyce Garcia 2021-11-01 19:46:09

Yes I hear you, zero – sounds ambitious and intimidating. Is it really possible? Has it ever really happened? Well truth be told, no. 

Achieving zero waste living is more like a target, a wishful thinking that one day we can live without wastage. It is a far-fetched goal because the reality is, we do not live in a perfect world. Trash will always be around, plastic is here to stay, waste will always happen. These things we cannot completely change and control. What can we do? Using practical and stylish ways we can make living with less look more beautiful.


First, believe in the power of the collective individual.

Let me share this famous quote by Anne Marie Bonneu from ecowarriorprincess, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. If we can minimize and reduce collectively, we can slowly make a difference.



Second, start with the things you can control and take baby steps.

Allow me to share with you my not so perfect zero-waste journey and some of the beautiful transformations it has brought to my home and to my life. Again, I am still not there but I don’t think I ever will be. 

What matters to me the most are the little efforts and changes I’ve personally made in my lifestyle which adds up to the contribution that many others are making as well. 


Ditch the plastic water dispenser for a built-in water filter.

Instead of using bulky and plastic water dispensers and water bottles, I have opted for a built-in water filter. Not only is it pleasing to the eye I do not have to worry about how a large plastic water dispenser will be recycled, and how often the giant water bottles have been reused, or gasp, cleaned.

Apart from saving money and plastic consumption, I also get extra space to maximize my living area. But don’t just stop there. Invest in a quality drinking thermos so you can take your water on the go instead of using the single-use plastic bottles.


Level up your plastic curtains

For those of us who uses shower curtains, there are other non-plastic alternatives. If you can, you can consider using one made from fabric, your bathroom will instantly go from college chic to glam. Linen shower curtains are light and will look exquisite if you use a tassel around it. 


Beautiful table setting designed by ESTILLO for a private event.


Upgrade your dining ware 

Entertaining at home can be zero-waste. Use this opportunity to go zero waste by investing in high quality dining ware. Why not learn to cook so you can have proper sit-down dinner parties with close friends instead of waimai. If you are uncertain about purchasing sets of dishes for home entertainment, you can even get creative and host parties where guests can “bring their own” dishes, cutlery or cups. 


Eco-conscious party styling 

When we throw parties at home, often we find ourselves using materials that are not reusable. Believe it or not, I started ESTILO because of balloons. They inspired me to think of a business that allows everyone to enjoy celebrations without having to waste a single decoration, which is currently still the norm for so many. 

When it comes to party decorations, balloons, glow sticks and personalised backdrops, these are all single use party items. Think about how much money is wasted on things that just get dumped. The milestones we live today should live on in our memory, not our landfills. Pop those balloons for good and switch to creative alternatives that are reusable.


ESTILLO also specialises in birthday set up using reusable decoration. 


Instead of balloons, how about decorating with flowers. If you must use something that flies, how about a kite or a paper lantern? There are so many alternatives, do your research and get creative.

We live in a fast-paced city where everything is quick, easy, and convenient that we forget the many wasteful habits it comes with. It takes a lot of conscious and consistent effort to make a change. Question is, are you willing to be a part of it?


ESTILLO helps create memorable personalised event decorations.


Luckily, Shanghai is becoming more aware. There are plenty of organizations now that help educate, inspire, and influence the community in living a more sustainable lifestyle. Be sure to reach out to them, learn, and even support them. 

It is a beautiful transition once you learn to embrace it. Get with the programme and start making that significant contribution in making our world more beautiful. No effort is too small. Never too late to make that change! 


Edda is the founder of ESTILO, a boutique space styling agency that specialises in event planning, interior decorating, tableware, decorative rentals and transformation of just about any space one can think of. ESTILO is passionate about sustainability and upholds a philosophy of Zero % Waste, 100% Style.