Styles for a Earth Loving Mum

By Eve Wee-Ang Photos by Mavindu 2021-11-01 19:52:33

In 2014 I did a hard reset for my house, which was threatening to bury me and my family alive with all the stuff we have accumulated over the years. I donated and discarded more than half of my wardrobe that no longer served me.

Christine Bennett, a beautiful mum from Kuala Lumpur, came highly referred when I was sniffing around for a green activist who also loves looking good. Her resume reads like a dream. Christine was an ex-beauty pageant queen, professional singer, dancer, licensed Zumba instructor and ukulele teacher. Her humble childhood sealed her lifelong belief in the importance of not wasting and using everything until it falls apart. Stuff that no longer brought joy was repurposed and reincarnated into another life with her trusty sewing machine. Denim, a favorite material of hers, has been transformed into bags, a toaster cover, and an iPad protector under her magical hands, which she generously gifts to friends. 

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits said, “All big things come from small beginnings.” Saving the Earth can sound like a tall order. What if each of us start from where we are by being intentional in our habits.

For the Love of the Earth

YR Vintage Chanel Bag, 8500 RMB from WeChat Bagitvintage


Wedge sandals, 159 RMB from Shoebox


Sustainable denim skirt from klee klee ZUCZUG 1250 RMB



Mum in Focus:

Malaysian Indian mum of two girls, Christine Bennett is unabashedly the poster girl of a green activist within her community. Organized to a fault, her calendar is mapped out carefully of which two days a week are devoted to repurposing old clothes through crafting. The cute skirt she is wearing was once a pair of jeans


Christine’s fashion tips

Shift to Second Hand: Join free group chats when you can. “Everyone loves free stuff” are wonderful communities for giving and receiving preloved items.

Try Crafting: There are plenty of easy tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube for beginners to breathe new life into their old belongings.