Suicide Prevention

By Jiahui Healthcare 2021-11-01 20:02:01

Mental Health has long been stigmatized among many societies, but open discussions have helped change peoples’ perspectives about the issue. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not only affected the physical health of individuals but also their mental health, due to the long periods of isolation, loss of jobs, and other factors.

1) Watch Out For Signs

During these trying times, it is important for us to check up on those that we love and pick up on warning signs before it is too late. So how can you tell if you/people around you need help? Check if you or your family, friends, or colleagues are displaying the following behaviors:

• Increase use of alcohol or drugs

• Looking for ways to commit suicide on the internet

• Reckless behavior

• Quitting various activities

• Staying away from family and friends

• Sleeping too much or too little

• Visiting friends or calling people to say goodbye

• Gifting precious possessions

• Being aggressive



If you find yourself feeling these emotions for more than two weeks:

• Depression

• Loss of interest

• Irritability

• Humiliation

• Anxiety

Or, if you find yourself feeling a certain way when talking with people:

• A burden to others

• Trapped

• Experiencing unbearable pain

• Hopeless or having no reason to live

• Suicidal

Then, you or your family, friends, or colleagues may need to seek professional help. Remember that sometimes it is difficult to overcome depression by relying on your own strength and seeking help from others is not a sign of weakness. 




2) Lend a Listening Ear

For people with depression, having a listening ear and companionship can be very helpful. If you don’t know how to respond to what they say, just be there to listen. Try not to repeat what they say and avoid using phrases along these lines:

• “Be braver.”

• “This is nothing.”

• “Things will always pass.”

• “XXX is worse than you.”

3) Keep Them Company

If you find that people around you are prone to depression, please remember to do the following:

• Arrange for someone to be with them, don’t leave them alone

• Take necessary measures to remove items that may cause injury, and keep him/her away from windows, knives, etc.

• If you think they are facing imminent danger (a careful plan, methods, and intentions), please contact the emergency service hotline (110) or the Shanghai psychological assistance service hotline: 021 12320-5

• Contact family

• If the person is not in imminent danger (has no self-harm plan or intention-just has an idea), help arrange professional psychological assistance

• Make a safety plan

If you or someone you know is experiencing the above, please seek professional help.


Good to know...

Find Help

• Shanghai Hotline for Psychological Aid: 021 12320 5

• Hotlines Directory by Life For Tomorrow:

• LifeLine China Hotline: 400 821 1215 (10AM-10PM)

• Jiahui Mental Health Department:


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